Fairphone B.V. ~ repair FP2 ~ ? 'within warranty'?

The FP3(+) is being produced in larger numbers and most FP2’s are getting old, so it is only logical that there are more FP3 support queries. However the difference is that most FP3 issues appear to be software issues that can be fixed while the FP2 has a number of recurring hardware problems.


In my observation from all the time I spent on this forum is that FP2 was least reliable of the three. Probably because it was too experimental. I would say FP3 is a finished FP2.


You may be right, but that is not an accurate indicator.

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But to tell that the FP3(+) is just better in every way is no accurate indicator either.

Are you serious when writing that?
To my knowledge FP has hired more support staff in Europe and is still hiring more and they’re slowly catching up the pile of support issues.


I’m not sure which of my personalities wrote that, but it does sound sarcastic to the current one.


They even anounced in May 2019, that first line support is coming home, i.e. been done “indoors” again. Though I have no idea, if it was outsourced to India, Romania or somewhere else.

Too bad it has no handy size, but is as big as a tablet?! :disappointed:

Nonsense. The Fairphone 3 is longer than the Fairphone 2, but otherwise similarly sized.


Actually, as I tweeted a long time ago, there is very little difference between the Fairphone 2 and 3 in size: https://twitter.com/SylvieLorxu/status/1199792150176817152. For the most obvious comparison, I put the Fairphone 2 on top of the Fairphone 3, so the difference is very obvious.


That would be a phablet. I saw such a device once a long time ago, it is way bigger…

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Unbelievable: No response at all until now.

I think, I have to change the title from a question mark to an exclamation mark …

Changing the title may make the topic more palatable but it’s not helping the issue. If the topic is annoying people and is inaccurate maybe you could change the words ~ Snail pace service from official support for my FP2 ($!#£)^2, after all it looks like you have plenty of time to play on the forum if you have less time on a usable phone :woozy_face:

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I agree that the lack of response for weeks on end is unacceptable. Looking forward, if you haven’t already: call them. I’ve found FP much more responsive over the phone than by e-mail. Also it’s much easier to get your point across, as you’re more connected to the person on the other side.

That being said: looking at your last screenshot, as you said it does not look like it’s running stock Android. If this is LOS, I’m not sure whether this is a problem covered by warranty, as it is caused using third-party software that FP doesn’t officially supports. It’s very well that you may not have had this issue on other phones, but there are minor differences in hardware that could cause bugs with LOS on one phone but not the other. I cannot tell you what “the freeze bug” is, but again if it’s caused by LOS, it may not be covered by warranty. Do both problems occur on FP Open OS?


As I mentioned before: The same issue occurs also with Fairphone Open. It’s not a question of the OS - it’s a hardware issue.


(Artefacts with Fairphone Open)

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2 days ago I made a phone call with fairphone. They promised, that I get an answer by email soon.

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Dear …,

Thank you for supporting Fairphone, your patience, and for reaching out.
My name is “…” from the support team. I’ll be your case manager, nice to meet you.
I’m sorry you encountered an issue, let’s look into it.

Fairphone OS

At this moment we only officially support Fairphone OS via our customer support and Fairphone Open (only available for Fairphone 2) via our dedicated bug tracker).

Unfortunately, we do not yet have procedures to troubleshoot issues occurring with different OS.

The community already offers alternative operating systems like Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch, /e/ OS and LineageOS.
When you use these systems, any software troubleshooting goes via these forums: a good place to start will be here: https://forum.fairphone.com.

We can help you with this help request if you install Fairphone OS.
If you prefer to use Fairphone Open, you can use the dedicated bug tracker.

In case you need them, following you will find the guides on how to install either one or the other (here is an article to help you choose).

Please let us know when you have installed Fairphone OS, so we can continue with the troubleshooting and pre-assessment before we start the repair procedure.
First of all, we then need a screenshot of the build number (Settings > About phone > Build number).

Proof of purchase/ownership

If you want to continue directly with the repair, I have to inform you about two things.
First of all, if you send it to our repair center, we really do need a proof of ownership, because we have to comply with anti-fraud regulations.
In your situation, you can ask the previous owner to mail us directly to confirm he sold or gave the device to you. However, as he is not the original owner, we will also need either a confirmation of the original owner that he sold/gave the device to the second owner.
If the previous owners can hand provide you with the original order number, that is sufficient too.

Out of manufacturing warranty

Secondly, during my research into the history of the device and your help request, I also found that the original Fairphone 2 purchase of this device with IMEI xxxxxxxxx was delivered to the original owner on October 8, 2019.
You did contact us on October 6 of this year (so 2 days before the 2-year manufacturing warranty expired), but you first mentioned that there was an issue with the device on October 26, so 18 days after the manufacturing warranty expired. This means that the warranty no longer covers repairs or replacements.

The costs involved might be covered by a personal insurance, so I recommend you check that with your insurer.

However, in this situation, you have three options.

Option one - Send your phone to our repair center at your own costs.

In case you need a new core module, the minimum repair cost would be € 249.90.
For more information consult our repair price list and FAQ.

The repair center will diagnose and provide a quotation. You can accept that by paying, of you can reject it. In case of the latter, you have two options:

  • send the device back (we will charge between €15 - €19 for Assessment, shipping & handling costs);
  • or recycle it for free.

Option two - Earn a Fairphone 3 cashback with our Recycling Program.

We have a Recycling program for our loyal Fairphone owners.

You can send your old Fairphone and receive a 40 euro cashback on a Fairphone 3 purchase in our online shop.

You can find more information about our Recycling program here. (Please note that the Recycling Program is not available for all countries)

Option three - Try to repair the phone locally.

To find a repair shop near you consult the forum.
This might be the quickest and cheapest way to proceed, as I recommend to get a diagnosis of the current state of the hardware first. Based on that outcome, you can make an informed decision on the next steps to take. If the repair centre of your choice is not familiar with the Fairphone, you can refer them to the iFixit guides.

Let us know what you’d like to do or if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Business & Reseller Support Officer

What should I say ? FP needs 3 weeks to answer, if the phone is covered by warranty and now they won’t repair it.
My conclusion: Fairphone never again !

Clearly you and Fairfone don’t agree on dates, and no-one else could therefore have a valid opinion on whether the phone is under warranty. Further, as FP seem to consider you to be the third owner you need evidence of legal ownership. Bot looking a simple matter.

If could find a Fairphone Angel with parts that could be swapped maybe you could then see if the replacement is worth buying and doing the repair yourself.

You also say there are three phones in the family, so can you isolate the the faulty module by swapping?

if you can isolate the issue to hardware then you may find a spare part.

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Hi @FPbonn,

Apologies for the delay in response and for the frustration caused. I have followed up on your ticket and a member of our customer support team will reach out to you today.



You may wish to censor your IMEI (edit: sorted :slight_smile: ). Also, is this supposed to read “October 8, 2018”? If not, then (although 2020 definitely feels like it) two years haven’t passed yet… I presume this is just a typo though, as you did mention in an earlier post that the date of initial sale was in 2018.