Is there an overview of the current state of the different alternative OSes?

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Hi there,

I am considering the alternative OSes for my new Fairphone 2. To be honest, FPopen does not have many customizations that I would like (like showing thee battery percentaje in the status bar) and I believe battery live could also be improved.

The thing is that I have missed in the forum some post about the current state of the alternative OSes, their pros and cons, how they perform in terms of battery life, stability, etc. Maybe it is there somewhere and I couldnt find it

I could try to do that, but it’ll take time because the fairphone is the phone II use in everyday life.

Apart from that, I’d ask what OS would you recommend to me? I do not want google servicces, but I’d like android apps compatibility, and overall good performance in terms of battery life, stability and so on.

Thank you!

Battery life, stability, etc. are very subjective and depend on many many different factors. Even if you had two FP2s with 2 different OSes and used them both the same you couldn’t make any conclusions about these things. Neither if you e.g. switched OSes every week or so.

Sounds like Lineage OS is your friend.

Oh and for people who read your topic title and expect to find a link to a list of all OSes and their status (official support, beta, alpha,…) - here you go: #oslist


SailfishOS and UbuntuTouch are quite mature as well (some users have those OS as a daily driver), but you’ll be missing android app compatibility (at the moment at least)

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Gravity Box does that for me. And many apps have the same functionality as well.
Not to say you shouldn’t switch OS, but maybe there are more easy solutions to be found :slight_smile:

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The possibility is there, but there is no setting for it in Fairphone Open OS. This App enables it.

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Not sure if this way to activate battery percentage display works in FP Open OS, but it does in FP OS:

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Thank you, it works!!!

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