Fairphone B.V. ~ repair FP2 ~ ? 'within warranty'?

Hi Community !

I claimed a warrany case on Oct. 6th 2020, but Fairphone B.V. won’t repair FP2.

First I asked, if the used phone is covered by warranty.
Answer: Yes, it was delivered on Oct. 8th, 2018.
The support asked for pictures.
I sent the pictures of that phone with no damages or contact with water visible.
Some more mails has been sent by the support asking further technical details.
Now, more then 6 weeks later, nothing happened at all.

We have 3 fairphone in our family, but I am very disappointed how Fairphone B.V. is handling this warranty case, Why should I buy another new Fairphone, if I get such a weak support ?



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What is the reason that Fairphone won’t repair your phone?

What’s the ticket number? Maybe @rae can make sure your call is picked up. Support is definitely overwhelmed these days.


The ticket number is 391131.

1st IMEI: [moderator edit: removed IMEI]
2nd IMEI: [moderator edit: removed IMEI]

Your support has confirmed that the phone is covered by warranty:

I checked our system with the IMEIs you provided and I found the information about your phone. It was originally shipped on October 8 of 2018, and the warranty covers 2 years, so the phone is already out ow warranty. However, as you contacted us within the warranty period (on October 6), we’ll treat your phone in warranty for this time.

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So they are respecting the warranty period, they just appear to be replying rather slowly? Also keep in mind we don’t work for or represent Fairphone.


If the phone was shipped 2018-10-08 I would expect the warranty ending 2020-10-07, so how can the phone already be »out-of-warranty« on 2020-10-06 then? :thinking:

It is not then, but now. Please read again:

The date of claim matters, and Fairphone do respect that.


I really understand your frustration; and I agree, that it is not OK to not answer for 6 weeks.
Fairphone definitely has to work on the support (and they in fact do so, if I got the messages in this forum right).

Still, I guess your thread-title is - at best - misleading, or rather inaccurate.
So far they did not state, that they won’t repair the phone. They did not even take a look at it in person.
Maybe you could change that title to correctly show, that support is super duper slow and not responding. Since this is your thread, I guess, you should do it. So far I just added a question mark at the end, as the statement is in fact wrong - so far.

What would you think, if you asked, if your phone is covered by warranty and the reply is “we’ll treat your phone in warranty for this time.” ?
I dont expect a dozen of emails asking for several details again and again. After my 2nd email it was very clear, that the phone has the freeze bug and some display artefacts, which is caused by the GPU. The last email I received from the support, is 11 days ago and I answered immediately, but nothing happened since then.

BTW: A moderator add a question mark to the topic. Maybe I must change it into an exclamation mark in the future :wink:



Have you tried a factory reset and/or reinstalling the OS?

I’ve tested everything:

  • Facory reset
  • Reinstall LOS
  • Complete wipe and installation of Fairphone Open

The error is persistent.

P.S.: All this question has been asked by the fairphone support before.

Well, I would think, that they treat it as a warranty case.
What do you make of this sentence?

Is there anything in this sentence giving you the impression, that I am with how support is treating this case?

You are free to do so, once they stated, that they won’t repair the phone, though it is a warranty case.
So far, it’s “just” lousy support times, which is - once again - absolutely bad enough.
While your thread title stated, that Fairphone is not acting up to their legal obligations; which - up to now - is not correct.


I now understand they did in fact reply to your emails? Yes, they’re slow, but the topic title is super misleading as are some of your other statements.


At least, the title was changed from a statement to a question, which is OK for me.

However, I agree that a delay of six weeks (or maybe even more) on just to decide what has to be done next is a disgrace. How long does it take for a support member to write back anything like “Please, send your device to us!”? I guess it is done within 15 minutes. Remember, we are talking about six(!) weeks here…

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I be patient and will wait the next 2 - 3 weeks, what happens. I will give an update as soon as I get some news from the fairphone support.


Support is slow, maybe they need to outsource to india like other companies do, I mean they are no longer a niche company.

But If I were you I would get FP3, it’s just better in every way. I don’t get this “I will hold on to my phone as long as possible” when the phone is giving you too much trouble.

I mean there are greater problems out there than having an unethical smartphone.

As I mentioned before: We have three FP2 in our family. Two of them running fine with LOS and one have the freeze and artefact issue (with LOS as well as Fairphone Open). As a physicist I have much affinity to technics, but I do not need to buy a new smartphone every year.


Really? Look on the forum, please. The FP3(+) is the reason why Fairphone support is occupied…

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Maybe an alternative: https://download.lineageos.org/FP3
The first two nightly builds has been released.

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