Fairphone 5 screen is off (can not turn it on)


My Fairphone 5 screen is off (I can not turn it on). It is charged. I receive phone calls and messages but I can not reply. What is the solution?


Fastest solution to try would be a hard reset. Press the power button for a few seconds until the phone restarts. If the screen stays dark after the reset, open the back and check if all screws are tight and it’s properly connected. And you can always dismantle and reinstall the screen.

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These screen freeze behavior is reported here already several times,

for example.


Thank you. Good advice. It is working now.

Kind regards Hossein

I had the same. Remove battery for a few seconds. Place it back and turn the phone back on. Works for me.

Those are workarounds, not solutions.

Can we get a response from Fairphone to say they recognise the problem and are working on a solution?

I see this once a week or so. Have to spend a couple of minutes waiting for the phone to reboot reach time.

Did you contact Fairphone Support, because the forum is not official way to report issues and the more people report the same the better/faster they can look into it