Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

I have the biowave cover and it doesn’t feel slippery to me at all.

@Martin_Anderseck, since you (and/or your wife) have experience with this: Did you get the phone all the way into the cover, with the edges raised above the screen with the hang hub in there? For me the knots that attach the string to the hang hub are using up a bit too much space. For now I am using a different attachment point I had lying around already (one that comes out through the charging hole), but I’d be interested to know if I just needed to press a bit harder to use the hang hub.

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Yes, the HangHub requires a bit of patience: Put the case on a table, put the HangHub thingy into the recess, pay attention that both pieces lie flat and don’t jump out due to the straps. Then take the phone, put it into the case with the upper part first and hold the case flat on the table so that it doesn’t move as this would move the straps and with this the HangHub. Then press the lower part of the phone into the case. Not quite easy but usually you see when the HangHub pieces jump out before the phone is completely in the case. In the first trial with both pieces we also faced the problem that the charging plug didn’t click in anymore properly which means that the phone was not completely in the case (still the edges were raised above the screen). But that seems to work now.

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Thanks to @Martin_Anderseck @Meaghan @gee who provided feedback! :slight_smile:

The Tudia MergeGrip black being out of stock and apparently too massive for my tastes, I settled for a Biowaves Smartshell 5, which is apparently not that slippery, and currently on sale with a free HangHub bracelet attachement. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

I’ve just received my Biowaves Smartshell 5, and it’s truly awesome!!! It’s exactly what I needed:

  • It’s not slippery like the official FP5.
  • It doesnt add more bulk than the officiel FP5 case.
  • The power button/fingerprint sensor cutout is much better.
  • It fits much tighter around the phone and doesn’t seem like it’ll loosen as much over time.
  • The lid over the screen contour is thin but exists nonetheless. It may not protect the screen from scratching if you put it face down on a sand-covered table, but otherwise, you should be fine.

I’m not using the HangHub bracelet attachment, but it seems well-designed and good quality.

Overall: 5/5, would recommend!


I am glad you like it!! :slight_smile:

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