Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

Please check this thread for some previous solutions discussed.

In order to compare the dimensions of smartphones I myself used versus.com website.

There are some cases in production currently which you might consider, with rings etc, for example @hirnsushi described - for the fairphone 4 - using Biowaves case with the SP Universal Connect System,

So it arrived and fits well. it matching cut-outs for all mics etc. Fingerprint sensor is easily accesible, display and cam lenses should be protected…

It feels like plain silikon, sites are like abraded, it does not smell…

I like strap cases during travel or hiking so will test the next days

If you cant find one in Poland, I can offer you to order one and send it to you, if you want to pay the extra shipping costs. However I can do do only in Dec, as I will be on vacation the next few weeks.


Thank you very much for testing and reviewing. I definitely like the idea of straps. Will be in touch if I decide to give it a go. Enjoy your travels:)

Just ordered some more colorful cases. After roughly 3 weeks of wait a small enveloper arrived. As you can see it is a typical black TPU case with a print at the back. The fit of the cases is quite okish, with a good overlap of the screen. Nonetheless, the color has still a strong smell - hopefully this will become better over time.

We’re almost there with Bark Sweden wooden cases, I’ve just asked for an update and got this reply:

We finally just got hold of a Fairphone 5, the wait was a bit longer than we hoped. But now we just started to design the case. we think it will be ready to ship out i the beginning of Noveber. :slight_smile: We will put this info on our website



Hi! Will there be an option for fp5 ?

Yes, I will let you know when it’s available.
Do you like indimise?

Yeah, the customization option is great, the organic pattern is a must have :wink: Hope the fp5 support will come really soon to order one for my phone.

Cool - just clicked a bit through the configurator.
A stylish comprise when you have a transparent edition!

Possibility to play around with pattern - the random net like one (high size and low thickness) and gradient e.g. to make the text on the battery ( “the change is in your hands” ) visible. :wink:

I like the indimise cases but found them a little vulnerable, they crack easily… Or do you use a different material now.?

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Ordered one from Driworks in Portugal and in my opion, these are not only cute but also quite good quality for the money. Recommended.


Ich habe mir heute das Bookstyle-Case von caseroxx bestellt.
Ich habe von der Firma auch schon das gleiche für mein CAT S61 und bin sehr zufrieden.
Wenn es eingetroffen ist, mache ich mal Bilder.

Is it just me or also somebody else:
When using the original case it slides off the phone very easy. Taking off the battery cover makes the case hold much better and actually th buttons and openings are now centered perfectly.

Is the original case designed to be used without the battery cover?

Hi and welcome. No its clearly not designed to be used without the backcover. Abover are already several comments, that the case is considered a design failure as its not really protecting the phone in case of falls.

But if intentionally or by accident the cover is meant to be used without the backside of the phone, it might reach over the display and protect it better.


I really love flipcases (so convenient to also carry credit card and cash) and was very unhappy that there doesn’t seem to be any offers for my wonderful new FP5.
But - dear FP lovers - there is help: you can just order a flipcase for Samsung A33, in my case it is genuine leather from SURAZO on Ebay ~30€.
You just ripp off the protective case inside (plastic/silicon part) and glue the FP5 case on with superglue.
The FP5 case holds it very safely, there’s no chance it will slip out.
I thought a band would come in handy, as I often wear dresses and they never have pockets. Also women trousers’ pockets never provide enough room for a phone even with no case around it.

Well, in the end this was easy: just insert two eyelets in the right places and apply any off-the-shelf band. The little magnet lock will hold the top in its place when you carry it around.

Well there’s also a minor downside: the opening for the camera doesn’t fit 100%, see picture.
But I haven’t notices and failures when taking photos.

So at last, enjoy your small compact handbag with all the most important stuff. You will not only protect your phone from accidents - also you will not lose it easily.

PS: the button on the picture is an extendable plug for a better hold (between fingers). It is another off-the-shelf accessory.



Hello @Daniela
welcome to the community. I love what you did to the case and I definitely agree that womens clothes are not always designed to carry modern smartphones:) I am also using the popsocket as I find FP5 definitely too big for my palm;-)

but there are some other flipcases for FP5 available, from some sellers on Amazon, from Anna Treurniet, from CaseOnline, or from Noreve, the latter though has been criticized on the forum for their take on FP4.

PS. I cant see any other flipcases with two holes for a lanyard though:)

Oooh, the other flipcases look beautiful, too!
Thanks for the tip Meaghan.

For some reason Google wasn’t able to find them for me - and I had made a thorough and time consuming search, I daresay.
It would be great if we could promote those cases a bit more.
Although Surazo is a great manufacturer as well. Their case for my earlier mobile lasted much longer than the phone and looked never torn or old.
Surazo outside
We should ask them to offer something for FP5, too :slight_smile:

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I’m a new fairphone 5 user, i did had to change from my trusted oneplus 6 after 6 years of heavy use it started to give up, im still set about that.
I did use a OtterBox Commuter on it first.
Protection did fall, first year. Back glass dit braik inside the case.
After that i started using the much better looking Rhinoshield SolidSuit, and its still on the phone (accept of getting the same one new when the case broke)
Never broke the screen. And i drop it almost each day.
Now the Fairphone 5
At a different topic we already hade a conversation about tis but let’s share it on te right location… …here.
Thank you @Meaghan.
I don’t think i have to spend much time telling about the experience with the FP5 case (the green one I have). It does look great, That’s all. Don’t drop it. it will probably not have much effect on protection.
After asking al the wel known rugged case manufacturer’s i dit found by email if they were making one for the Fairphone 5,(maybe if we all do that they wil stard developing one)
Not a rugged case manufacturer but gsmpunt.nl told my rosso is currently making bookcases for the Fairphone 5. The shop didn’t know when they will be available.
I dit order a different case from Bol.com. on the website a bad looking Chinese case. only because it looks like on the pictures it have big rised edges, i did order it.
And i was surprised when i did reserve the case. It looks strong, feeling good. And isn’t that ugly as expected. My opinion its actually looking really good.
I think its the same one as yvmuel posted here already.
And the included screen protector have a much better fit than the screen protector of Mobilize im using now.
It does have decent rised edges.
It does have a mounting point for a chord.
And i think the transparent case does look really great on the transparent fairphone.

Let me know what you think about it.
I dit found it here: