Fairphone 5 not showing recent system updates

I am currently running my Fairphone 5 on FP5.TT3P.A.112 and I do not get any update notification for the more recent updates:


Those two system updates were released but they don’t show up for me. When I manually search for new updates by accessing “Settings” => “System” => “System update” it displays “Your system is up to date”. Last check a few minutes ago.

What can I do to get system updates again?

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You might want to name your network/provider. Once in a while an update is held back for users of certain networks because there are still remaining compatibility problems with those.

My mobile network provider is the german Telekom.

Then its blocked for (good) reasons


Thank you, that would explain a lot.

I guess there will be a future OTA update path when a version is released which fixes that issue?

Yes, we definitely expect that!