5g Network not working with Telekom Germany after A.127 update

I assume since the last update I am not able to get a stable connection to the 5g network. It is connected for a short time but than loose the connection. I am using a eSIM and 5g network from Telekom Germany.

If I switch to LTE everything is working normal.


Same for me. 5g Mobile Network ist not usable any more after the Update with Telekom germany

Thanks for the Tip with LTE. My company iPhone was full 5g Access in the Same place

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Good to know that I am not the only one. Do you have a normal SIM or eSim?

I have a normal sim.

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same here, only works when I switch to 4g. Physical SIM and Deutsche Telekom. The problem must be with the latest Update.


Hi, i found out after the newest update the phone can’t connect to the 5G Mode LTE Band 3 (1800)/ 5G Band n1 2100. If it tries the modem lost the connection and after a short time it reconnect with another band. All other combinations seems to work but at the moment i can’t test the high band 5G NSA combination with 5G Band n78. Because the Deutsche Telekom use this combination very often outside of cities my only option was to disable 5G. I informed the support yesterday morning and i hope they will release a hotfix as soon as possible.


I hope they fix it fast, this bug is pretty serious. I know how to disable 5g and force 4g but how many normal people will know this and be able to do this? No one from my Family wouldn’t.

The same for me. 5G (Telekom Germany) no longer stable. It goes on and off. I have eSim. It started right after the update yesterday.
Update: Ticket written to Fairphone Customer Support on Wednesday 13th December; automatic answer received - can take 8-9 days.
Update 2: I just got my ticket answered by today (within seven days!). Although it’s the already known workaround with the LTE (4G) solution, I am more than satisfied with the quick support. Hopefully, they manage to distribute a stable fix before Christmas as already mentioned.

Thank you all for the reporting, we have started an immediate investigation and temporarily blocked the update in Germany for a specific carrier, I will keep you posted on the developments.


BTW: my FP5 on latest update with physical SIM T-Mobile Czech is connected:

  • LTE 1800
  • 5G NSA 2100

in status bar is show 5G, freq info is from NetMonster

about hour i play internet radio over it and is stable without drop

I have the same problem too.
Absolutely no stable 5g connection with congstar-sim, wich uses also the Telekom network.
Quite frustrating, I’m hoping for a fast fix.
Regards, Lars


Hmm i test it at different cells and the only combination that causes the problem, is when the modem want to connect to the combination B3/n1. Other combinations as example B20/n1 or B8/n1 work without any problem. The Iphone has no problem to perform this combination so it can’t be a provider problem. Maybe a problem in the modem config for the Deutsche Telekom Network.

I have the same problem with 5G since the Update was installed. My carrier is Congstar with 5G Option (T-Mobile).

I Hope Fairphone will fix it soon.

To give your hope a higher chance to come true you should definitely contactsupport (if you haven’t yet).

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yes, I reported the error directly to Fairphone

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Hi. I’ve got the same problem. Made the Update Wednesday, since thursday 5G doesn’t work. Sometimes it worked a few seconds after turning off/on Mobile Data or Flight Mode.
My Provider is Deutsche Telekom, i changed the SIM in a Telekom-Shop, because i thought it was defect, but the Problem still exists.
Thanks to this Thread i changed to 4G, what works.
Now I contact Support and hope that it will be fixed…


My Last Ticket was answerd 1,5 months later. Hope they will be faster now.

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They know that there is a big problem since tuesday morning. And in my opinion this is a critical fault and it takes to long to fix it. I really hope that the fix will come this week. Faults can happen but such a big error must be fixed as fast as possible. The communication could be better maybe a sentence like “we found the issue and the update will come this week”. Let’s hope the best and hopefully such a thing will never happen again :).

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Ich habe bei Congstar eine neue Karte geordert, weil ich auch dachte, dass es daran liegt. Jetzt wurde so lange meine SIM Karte deaktiviert, bis die neue Karte hoffentlich vor Weihnachten noch da ist und das hätte echt nicht sein müssen, wenn Fairphone mal den Mund aufgemacht und zu seinem Fehler Stellung genommen hätte.

Fehler dürfen passieren, aber sie zu verschweigen ist nicht FAIR!

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Please write EN in an EN topic.

Normally SIM cards dont get deactivated bevore the new one arrived and is activated.

And no one is hiding anything