Fairphone 5 Low FPS in games

I’ve just moved from an iPhone XR to a new FP5, so I’m not only new to FP but also android.
Is it normal that some apps are kinda laggy? I’ve noticed that the reddit app and clash of Clans (game) are not some and feel more like 20fps or less.
I don’t expect new and demanding games to run perfectly since this isn’t a gaming phone, but reddit and clash of clans are not really demanding.
Maybe I just have some wrong settings?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully more demanding users than I will chip in on this, but if your phone is new, and you’ve recently installed lots of apps, plus updating the OS I expect, the phone will have a lot on its plate and will likely take several days to settle down. During that period slightly laggy behaviour is unsurprising to my mind.

You may notice that the phone runs hot sometimes, for no apparent reason. Same underlying explanation. Also, be prepared for higher power consumption and running warm after OS and app updates.

Laggy performance also occurs when in battery saving mode, for obvious reasons.

While I’ve got you reading, as new to Android (congratulations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), a word about SD cards. If ever you plan to use one, make sure you read this:

and also recommended: