Fairphone 5 Battery not charging past 79%, anybody else

My Fairphone 5 is not charging properly after only one week. Using Qualcom charger

You didn‘t set the 80% charge limit by any chance?


Try to switch of Battery Protection if it is on.


My new FP5 charged properly for 4 days. Now it charges only to 79%. I let it discharge completely and then once it charged to 100% but last night again, I plugged it in at 22% and it does not go past 79%. Using QC3 Charger. The phone is 10 days old

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Edit: Screenshot of the setting under Settings-Battery


bingo! thanks a million

Hi, I have a strange problem: my new FP5 (bought in October 2023) does only charge up to max 79/80% . I have tried different cables, different chargers, different contacts, installed the latest update… Since ca 4 weeks ago the battery never charges upp to 100%.
It always stops at 79%. Is there a “limit button” somewhere, which I have missed? It is very strange. Anyone who has an idea how I can fix this problem?

There’s an battery safety feature in settings, battery part. There you can limit charging to 80%, and also limit the current used for charging. It’s probably on in settings, cannot say whether the default changes, as I’m having it on for both


Thank you for superfast answer! This is the solution!
Have a wonderful day!


The option to protect the battery is off, but sometimes the battery only gets charged up to 80%. It happens maybe one a week. See also screenshots. Does somebody see that as well?

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Have you tried turning Battery Protect ON and then OFF again?

I think I did the on off switch already before my post. I did it also after my post and I’m observing whether the issue would occure again.

I almost thought the problem is gone. But today it happened again.

After 8 days I saw the issue again. I continue to post here my observations.

So what happens, the setting to charge only to 80 is enabled somehow? Is it possible this happens with a reboot?

No, the setting is still disabled. Also, I’m not going to reboot my device once a week in the hope I can avoid a semi loaded phone.

Since i use my FP5, it only charges to 79% (with battery savings option enabled). Sometimes it charges to 80%, but this is rarely.

It doesn’t matter if i use fast- or slow-charging.

Please try to turn battery protection on and then off again. You never know that might help…


But don’t misunderstand me: I want to have battery protection on ond not off. I only want to point to the difference between 79% and 80% :slight_smile:


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Hi Weibelt,

I have the same issue when usin the Fast Charging Mode. Even though the battery protection is OFF, the battery gets stuck at 77% or 79%.

With normal charge mode it works perfectly fine.

I have tried rebooting the phone and turning On and Off the battery protection, but it still happens.

Sometimes it charges up to 100% with fast charging, but it rarely happens.

Are you still having the same issue? Maybe yours and mine are related.