Charging speed Fairphone 5

Hi everyone

I tried the two different charging modes ‘Eco charge’ and ‘Fast charge’. I realized I get slower charging speed than expected. I get around 4W with Eco charge and limited to 1A. I suppose that limit is set for Eco charge.
However I get only around 8W for fast charge and 2A and the same voltage, no matter the charger. I used a phone charger rated max 18W and my USB-C laptop charger rated max 65W and always get the same result.

Has anyone experienced similar behaviour?

Here you see the charging speed (Screenhot from AccuBattery App) :

What about the cable? Can make a big difference if it fast charges or not? With the same charger/cable Fp4 charges fast (havent ever checked exactly the W used) while the FP5 only charges normal.


yes the cable should support 18W and even with my laptop charger 65W it didn’t charge faster than 8W. I think the fastest should be 30W, right?

What charging speed have you?

I dont know what should be possible or how this works overall…

For me AccuBattery on the FP5 shows around 5W, with a quite old Anker 36W Charger. Its set to “Schneller Modus” however does not show “wird schnell geladen” auf dem Sperrbildschirm.

AccuBattery on the FP4 shows max 7.5 with same charger-cable and “wird schnell geladen” on lock screen…

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I have only tried eco charging so far and when connected to my bicycle dynamo powered charger it shows 7.5 watts - however this is with screen on because I have to access the charger via Bluetooth from my phone. Need to check with a different phone as display. 5 watts while charging with screen off however sounds reasonable because my phone did not manage to empty my charger’s buffer battery while cycling yet (just like my FP2 which definitely only took 5 watts).


For me, ‘fast’ charging the FP5 with an original Samsung 25W USB-C (PDO/PPS) charger results in max 22W charging speed as shown in the below graph (made using HomeAssistant). The dips in charging speed at 5:28 and 5:39 are when I briefly used the phone.

At 5:41PM I switched back to ‘slow’ charging, which apparently is ~4W.


I didn’t find any details about the supported charging protocol(s). The relevant protocols should be QuickCharge and USB PD (Power Delivery) beside USB 5V.

The System-on-chip is a Qualcomm QCM6490, which is a " IoT/ind. var. of 782G". source: Fairphone - Wikipedia


Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 4+ Technology

I don’t know, if the QCM6490 also includes the QC 4+ technology which is included in the 782G.

An USB-C laptop charger should likely use USB-PD.

My personal experience with chargers is: QC is at an USB-A slot and USB-PD is at an USB-C slot.

As far as I know: Old Samsung chargers that support up to 18W use QC3.

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thank you for the detailed info

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hi all, this is only partially on topic, but my brand new FP5 does not even charge with most of my cables. i have a bunch, and i have been buying higher quality 100W cables by baseus, and i have a quick charger for my 2 year old xiaomi, with its factory cable (33W fast charge) and NONE of them charge my FP5 AT ALL. i wonder how this is even possible. the charger makes no difference tho, but most of my cables refuse to charge the phone. all of them work with literally any phone BUT the FP5. here i though i’m getting rid of e-waste, and sadly, I now have to buy a bunch of new cables just to charge my fairphone… and who knows if the ones i buy will even work

not to mention my battery health dropped from 100 to 92 in just 2 hours of usage. i wonder how long it will last, but that’s another topic again

I understand that your chargers don’t charge your phone, but some cables do work. What are these cables connected to when they charge the phone?
I have had my phone connected to a bunch of chargers, computers and docking stations to charge it and it worked with all of them. So it might still be that you are unlucky and got a faulty device but at least this doesn’t seem to be a common thing. You could either try to take the phone apart so you can take the USB port out and put it back in, or you contact support about this - but be warned, their reply times are not exactly overwhelming.

Right, that’s a different story: My battery health was back at 100 after the last update, so I wouldn’t bother too much about the display, your battery definitely didn’t age that much in such a short period of time.

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sorry, i was not clear. the chargers all work, and all of them charge the phone correctly with some of the cables. the more expensive cables do not work. the cheap ones, and cables for my usb sound card etc work fine. if the cable charges, it will charge with everything, pc, power bank and such. i’m not familiar with how the quick charge electronics work, but this might be an issue with the charge electronics in the cables themselves.
anyway, i’m happy to hear it’s not a common issue. i might contact support with this. thanks for your answer.

Your story is strange. My FP5 just like my FP3 before charges with whatever cable I’ve tried to use. I prefer to use my 65W laptop charger, but I have an Anker cable as well, the original Fairphone one that I bought with my FP3, and a whole bunch of others. Nothing really posh though.