Fairphone 4 Flip Case without magnetic or sticky tape

I’ve bought the Fairphone 4 and I would like to have a flip case that does not work use sticky material or magnetism to attach the phone, because I’m afraid it might fall off.
So is there a place where I can buy such flipcase?

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I’m pretty sure you have to glue the phone in that case.

The phone is mounted with special tape on the case, which will leave no marks on your phone, and will hold your phone really tight in place.


OK, the headline says only " no magnetism"

Maybe this Flip-Case would work for you:
Please report how satisfied you are with this or any other hull you have found.

Edit: see post 9, this case doesn’t fit.


oh my good, with such cases your FP4 feels like you have a tank in your pocket…


Thank you! That’s what I have searched for :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! :grinning:

I would be happy if you could share your experience with the case later. It would be very interesting for me as well. Originally, I would like to have this one:

But in this large size, the product was unfortunately discontinued. Therefore, I had searched for an alternative and found only the above.

I tried exactly this case (FOLIO-FANCY-BK-3XL), but unfortunately the sides were MUCH too loose and even the length, which should’ve fit perfectly snug, was very loose and it didn’t feel like the phone would be held very securely in it…


So… I’ve not personally tried gluing a case to the fp4, which is quite heavy… But knowing my glues… There is no way a good glue won’t hold on that plastic back. I also don’t see the back coming off unless you actively try.
Is also like to express that the fp4 is a heckin chonker beyond belief, so I’d personally add as little as humanly possible. Gluing seems like a way to keep it slim.

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Welcome to this forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your feedback!!! Too bad the case does not fit so well. She was my last hope, I have not found another.

Does anyone know of another case that is similar? Important here that the smartphone does not need to be glued and that the cameras are covered and only uncovered when needed (by sliding, rotating, …).

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’ve been looking all over the place for one, too! It’s crazy how hard it is to find one.

I’m currently using this case:

It fits… sort of. Unfortunately the camera is slightly covered by the case after rotating, meaning you have to actively hold the phone up a bit to get the whole camera free, and after about two months of use one corner slips out a bit every few days during active using, so it’s not a good case by all means, but it’s currently the only one I found that fits at all.

Alternatively I recently spotted this one:

I didn’t try it yet, but if I can’t find anything better, I might & I’ll definitely come back here for feedback!

If anyone else happens to try the latter one before me, I’d love to hear your experiences. We gotta stick together in this hard, cold, phone-caseless world.

(P.S. unfortunately they are both on Amazon, but you might be able to find them somewhere else!)

I can only confirm that!!!

That really doesn’t sound satisfactory! :slightly_frowning_face:

The second case is nothing for me because the cameras are not covered…

Then I might still have a compromise solution here. This is with glue, but you can still remove the smartphone via push button. I could imagine that you can also open the back cover without having to remove the sticky part.
If the fingerprint sensor was covered, I wouldn’t care. I do not need it. Here are good photos where you can see the attachment (for FP3):

But for the FP4, I guess it’s these cases:

Just tried this case:

It might fit size-wise, but unfortunately it didn’t seem very secure. The rubber corner bumper was very stretched and tight around the phone, the corner not really sitting right and the phone would be secured to the case via Velcro, for which you need to glue a velcro strip to your phone… The screen protection it comes with also doesn’t fit the screen even remotely.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Finding a case that really fits seems nearly impossible. :roll_eyes:

I have now found a case that works without gluing and covers the cameras. It sounds like the smartphone is held very securely by the clamp. To take photos, you slide the clamp upwards.

oooh this looks amazing! if anyone tries it, i’d love to hear some feedback on if it fits!

I’m afraid it will be difficult to use this case. From the bottom edge of the case to the top edge of the clamp is 9.3cm. I tried to measure out where the power button is from a photo on fairphone(dot)com. The top edge of the button should be about 9.8 cm above the bottom edge of the phone??? Thus, even in the best case, only 5 mm of the button would be free. If you can only reach the upper part of the button, it is questionable whether the phone can be turned on and off. In any case, the fingerprint sensor cannot be used. (I don’t need it.)

One further suggestion, flipcases made for samsung galaxy A32 fits almost perfectly, the only mods that needs to be done is to enlarge / make a few new holes around the rim for the fingerprint button, the microphones and the charging port. It also covers the mockup lens (or is it some ir window? However I’m using the camera with no problem, but if needed there are no problems to modify this hole as well)

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That’s a sensor ~ you can read the specs or :-