What is the third "circle" in FP4 for?

If you look at photographs of the new Fairphone 4, it looks as if there were 3 camera lenses, (e.g.:
Making the fair choice easier: Fairphone 4 is here - Fairphone
But if you read the spec, there are only two ("+ 1 selfie-lens" on the other side)
==> what is the third “circle”? dummy for future camera updates? fingerprint sensor (would be the worst place to put a fingerprint sensor - you’re going to tap to the camera lenses all the time!

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There’s a couple of reviews saying it’s an empty slot., but reading the description of the camera module, I think it’s a light and colour sensor - not sure though.


It is a 1/2 inch light sensor for the main camera.

The Fairphone 4 rear cameras are the real deal. A replaceable pair of premium lenses for all the details (48MP main) or the bigger picture (48MP ultrawide). Add a light and color sensor for blazing fast autofocus and top it off with OIS for a shake-free shooting experience
Fairphone 4 Rear Cameras - Spare Part | Fairphone


Hi there,

So I’m considering getting a fp4 soon. But like everything I buy I tend to spend too much time searching for answers to a ton of questions before actually purchasing the product.

It appears there’s an empty “camera slot” in the back of the phone, any idea what it’s meant for ? Couldn’t find any reference to it in the FAQ

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.
What exactly do you mean with ‘empty camera slot’?
If you refer to the third circle on the backside near the two cameras, it’s a sensor.


It’s a light and colour sensor :slight_smile:

Primary Camera - OIS Camera

48 megapixels resolution with 48 megapixel output
0.8um, 8000x6000 (48MP)
Dual LED flash, detected single tone
1/2" sensor

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The 1/2" sensor is the size of the main camera sensor, not the ’ light and colour sensor’.


Isn’t that the same thing? Asking because I’m still not entirely clear on what’s behind that circle.

I can’t find within the promo videaos released by Faiphone, which I did see so here is >

Fairphone gives the device a laser autofocus and time-of-flight sensors as well as a color sensor,

Ah! Found this

The replaceable Rear cameras part hosts:

It’s not the same thing. One circle is the 1/2" main camera sensor, one is the wide angle camera sensor, ant the third is either the ‘light and color sensor for fast autofocus’ or the ‘Time-of-flight (ToF) laser autofocus assist for fast focusing’.

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I think the third contains all of those.

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