Fairphone 4 eOS: problems with pre-installed Fotogalerie

I’m new user of Fairphone 4 with eOS. Unfortunately I have troubles wit the pre-installed fotogalerie. Description is simple: The galerie is freezeing it selfes when I use (looking for fotos, searching in folders, whatever …) and the only way out is complete newstart.
Do have somebody same experiences and what was the solution? Thank you for support in advance.

Hi and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Empty the cache and data of the app. Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Gallery > Storage and cache. Use the Clear cache first. If that does not help, use Clear storage. Deleting Gallery app data will not delete your photos.

  2. Are you able to access your photos using the Files app?

  3. Are you using a SD card and if so, is it formatted as Portable memory?

  4. Have you tried using another gallery app such as the Fossify Gallery?
    N.B. - this app should be available in the App Lounge on your /e/ phone.

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Hi OldRoutard!

Thank you very much for your quick and detailed answer. I followed your instructions, but unfortunately without success. The problem still exists. I also installed “Fossify Gallery”, which works excellent, but for image editing it goes back to Gallery. That means I will choose a different foto gallery. Which one you can recommand additional, one with hopefully no tracks and other spy units?

One more question. How can I format my SC card?

Thank you very much for your answer in advance. Have I nice weekend and best regards.


For image editing software and to extend your search for a solution with the default Gallery app, I recommend you visit the /e/ OS forum over at https://community.e.foundation/.

It’s important to sort out the SD card question clearly. Please confirm that you do already have a SD card installed in the phone. Just Yes or No, we’ll take it from there.

I would deactivate the pre-installed Galery app tonsee if the Fossify Gallery App Editor is sufficient for your needs. To deactivate go to settings-apps-select the Gallery App and deactivate

Hi OldRoutard,
YES, I have already instaled CC Card, "SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Speicherkarte 256 GB + Adapter (Für Smartphones, Actionkameras und Drohnen, A2, C10, V30, U3, 190 MB/s Übertragung, RescuePRO Deluxe).

Thank you once again

Thank you for support!

SD cards can be used in two ways: either to extend the volume of the phone’s internal memory, or as a completely separate storage area, just like a USB stick or PC disc drive. This second option is often referred to as “Portable” or “Removable” because you can remove the card from the phone, for example to transfer the files it contains to some other device.

See the Forum SD card Guide for details, and also here.

If you’re not sure of the way your card is being used, you can connect the phone over USB to a PC or Mac. On the computer’s file explorer, you will see the SD card as a storage area separate from the phone’s internal memory. You can also check using apps and settings on the phone, but connecting to a computer is probably the clearest and simplest way.

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