Fairphone 3's charging LED is yellow, but battery is not charging (no flash in battery symbol)

Not a great idea when there is a problem. When down to 1 or 2 (%) it can take hours to start charging so leave it overnight.

As for the bottom module

a) if in warranty try cleaning from the outside
b) If out of warranty you can try a more invasive clean

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Hi Amoun,

Thanks for responding.
I thought first it was maybe the battery having a problem.

I discovered something else after writing here. The adapter I used to charge it the last time is also broken. So my guess is one of them malfunctioned and also broke the other…
The update is probably just coincidence and unrelated.

I already ordered a replacement part. It’s out of warrenty. I can try the deep clean, but I just hope replacing the part will do the trick.

My best


Same issue here.
Yellow light, but no charging icon.
I ‘ve tried several cables, and sometimes the same cable works, but others don’ t.
After read a lot of threads here, I’m going to buy a new charging port.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

You may want to

  • clean the USB port
    If you have no warranty
  • Dismantle the bottom module to better clean it

If that doesn’t work

  • consider a new module

The new bottom module worked and fixed all the problems :smile:


I have the same Problem for months now. I have to connect and turn it off an on a couple times and then it works sometimes. Bought a new battery and took it apart a couple times. Nothing… I ordered a new bottom module now. I hope that will fix it. I had some other issues before with the software, but that got fixed somehow. I got a lot of cellphones over the decades, but this is the worst. Never again! Sorry, can not suggest it to anybody.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

First: I agree I would not recommend this phone, but then I never recommend anything :slight_smile:

A new bottom module may help, but ensure you clean all the contacts when you dismantle as they can easily tarnish.

See cleaning ideas for the ‘solder’ contacts in the following post . . .

The blue ones in that image :slight_smile:

Once you have a new bottom module, and if that resolves the issue, you can try a more intensive clean of it and maybe get it to function as designed.

I have a Fairphone 3+ and it stopped charging this weekend. When I attempt to charge it, whilst it is on, the charging light comes on but it does not charge. When I attempt to charge it when the phone power is off, the phone comes on with the Fairphone logo and then shows be a battery charger logo. It then proceeds to toggle between the two without charging.

I have seen similar posts recommending cleaning, trying different cables, taking the bottom module out, taking the battery out and ensure it is clean but nothing has worked. Has anyone got any other ideas.

I have contacted Fairphone customer support but not received a reply yet.


Hi and welcome, I moved your post here

Please read above and maybe especially here


Hi and welcome to the forum
Have you tried alternative chargers as well as cables?

If your phone is still under warranty that doesn’t cover you taking the bottom module out unless instructed to. Usually Fairphoen will ask you to do non invasive tests and if that doesn’t work and you have a valid warranty they will ask for you to send it.

It isn’t expected that you should try and resolve such issues mechanically.

If on the other hand you do not have a warranty

  • then removing and cleaning the contacts is always a good step,
  • as well as cleaning the USB port
  • You can also breakdown the bottom module to better clean it.
    FP3 Bottom & Top module breakdown

The problem with remote support is the waiting time, hence the tendency to do a DIY
Another option is to see if there is a #fairphoneangel near you that may be able to help

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I dont have a fairphoneangel near me. The phone is 20 months old.

I have tried multiple chargers and no difference and reading all the posts, there does not seem to be a user solution.

How long does Fairphone customer service take to come back as having no working phone is a pain (and liberating at the same time).

You should get a response to your query within 24 hours, but that only acknowledges your contact.

Then there usually “We will get back to you within 5 working days” ?

That could be longer and then they will ask you questions, especially if you didn’t provide much initially, Receipt for purchase etc.

Then they will ask you to do tests if the info you gave isn’t to their satisfaction, names of chargers maybe etc.

Only then will they consider if it is a warranty issue, so you will be lucky to get it sorted in two weeks, :cry: :sob: :scream:

Go with the liberty :slight_smile:

So about two weeks without a phone!!!

That is not great customer service…

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There are ways…however when its a warranty case, they normally ask you to send the phone to the repair center, which means wiping all data and even more time without your phone. So I personally would invest in a Bottom Modul instead of external chargers or other things…

It is often quicker to call Fairphone, whereby they may authorise you to try a new bottom module, which then if it works they may refund the cost.

4. Warranty Exclusions

k. Service performed by anyone who is not a Fairphone representative or an authorized Fairphone service provider;

Hi everybody, thanks for discussing those charging issues here. Helped me a lot experiencing something very similar. The problem has been solved by exchanging the bottom module with one out of a friend’s FP just before sent in for recycling. Here what I experienced:

After getting a bit wet, not dropping in water, only contact to drops of water and humidity, partially some water inside the phone (humidity indicators stayed normal), I opened the phone and dried it quickly in high outdoor temperatures. The next day I recognised that the phone did not charge anymore and tried to charge with different chargers/cables/laptop without success. The phone shows a connection in the settings, but no charging (if connected to a windows PC no connection is build up). If switched off, the phone get’s stuck in a bootloop (logo, vibration, “charging please do not unplug”, logo, vibration, etc.). Sometimes randomly there’s no bootloop but still no charging.
Already tried to switch of and boot again, remove battery, SIM-cards, cleaned the usb-c port without result.
I recognised the problem 48h earlier and battery level dropped down to around 10% so I cannot use the phone anymore other than completing a backup.

After completing the backup (google-one) I rebooted the phone directly (before I always switched it off and then booted it again) and the phone connected again to the windows PC and showed slow charching (full in 19h from 6%). With the FP charger it charged normally again.

Later the same problem occurred again, no charging, sometimes with bootloop. Thus did a factory reset without any changes. Another reset brought the phone back to charging. But the next day the problem described above came back: no charging. Once I could charge the phone while switched off normally, but that was only possible one time and now it is not working anymore.
Next step was cleaning the phone from the inside but nothing changed (removing modules, cleaning contacts etc.).
The next days the FP3 charged sometimes randomly after toggling flight mode/reboot. There was totally no system under which circumstances it charged. Finally I had the chance to replace the bottom module with a friend’s one. She had to send her phone to recycling because of a mainboard failure so I got the spare part just in the right moment as it still is out of stock in shop.fairphone.com. The exchanged module works now normally in my FP3+ and my old module showed the same behaviour in the friend’s FP3+. So i guess the problem was definitely caused by the bottom module.

I hope this description is helpful for everyone experiencing similar problems. Seems to be the best and only solution to replace the bottom module.

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Hi same problem here…

Just changed the bottom module and it still wont charge. Tried other chargers, still nothing.
Also got a new battery, still nothing. I’m running out of options and maybe out of patience as well.

Any further tips? Is it maybe a software issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, same problem here.
I also tried changing charger and cleaning to no avail.

What does ‘solve’ it for me is to take out the battery and put it back in. Then I can charge normally one time. For the next charge I do need to repeat that procedure. So certainly not a permanent solution, but it also feels like exchanging the bottom module won’t do the trick.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?


If you have the opportunity to test a safely functioning bottom module in your phone, then that would be my first tip (e.g. through a Fairphone Angel who lives near you), or you can order one on spec. The chain to check for charging problems is: charger, charging cable, battery, bottom module and motherboard. The first four are cheap to replace, only if the fault is in the motherboard does it become critical. A repair is then so expensive that almost no one is willing to take the risk.

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Hi Karius, sorry for my late reply. I ended up here by chance. In my ears this sounds like a possibly defective motherboard. Please contact customer support and ask what they suggest.