Fairphone 3 with E/OS is getting hot while charging and has weak or no 4G signal after update

All of a sudden my Fairphone 3 with e/OS is getting extremely hot while charging. It gives audio warning signs.
I read this could be due to a weak 4G Signal. I do have a problems with the 4G signal since the last update.


Any help is very welcome, thank you.

I don´t have these problems on my FP3 with the same OS version.
Did you try a restart?
Did you check the battery manager in settings → battery ?

Thank you Freigeist. Yes i did a restart. What is there to check in battery? I don’t know what to look for.

I’m not sure how it´s called in the English /e/ installation.
It’s in Settings somewhere where you can check the battery usage of apps.
There you can specifically check apps, which are using more of the battery than usual.

You might have a look at this guide:


Thank you very much. At the moment the phones heat problem while charging returned back to normal.
I am left the 4G connection problem. It goes in and out of connect. On top corner of the screen it says 4G but only when it says 4G+ I do have connection.
Do you perhaps have a suggestions for that?


Do you have VoLTE enabled and Preferred network type set to LTE (recommended)?

Thank you very much amoun. On mine it says “preferred network 4G”.
Would you still recommend LTE? I do not have the volte option on my screen. Strange?

4G is LTE.

But try setting “Bellen via wifi” to “Call over Wi-Fi” instead of mobiel netwerk.

Why should I call over wifi? I do not have a problem with phone calls but with internet access through 4G. Another forum member suggest APN reset. This seems to work for the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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