Fairphone 3: Updated GPL source packages

We are happy to announce that we have publicly released complete and updated GPL sources for the Fairphone 3.

You can download the source packages for the Linux kernel and for other GPL-licensed projects from the Fairphone 3 GPL section on code.fairphone.com. There are separate archives for each of the three software versions that were released for the Fairphone 3 until now.

We are still working on releasing build instructions alongside the sources. Please bear with us until we are ready to publish them.

Please feel free to discuss this release in this category of our forum!


This is great, thank you!
Will check it out later.
What about providing the git-history, as you have mentioned here?


This is great news for the community here!

Irrespective therof: can you give us a hint when to expect Android 10 for the FP3?

Best wishes,

If anyone has trouble opening the kernel package with GUI tools, try renaming it to .tar.xz


@karsten As @sam has written, the archives are xz compressed tar files, so they should have the extension .tar.xz or .txz, not .tar.gz :slight_smile:

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That’s great.
I’m currently trying to get the previous kernel sources running with LOS 16: https://github.com/mstaz/android_kernel_fairphone_sdm632
Is it possible that the techpack/audio folder is missing in the sources?
There is also a .gitignore file in the techpack folder, so maybe it got lost on the way :wink:

Thanks @z3ntu and @sam for pointing out the mismatch in compression algorithms! I adjusted the file names and links so that they correctly point out the xz compression now.

@Max_S the techpack/audio is indeed missing. In our sources, it is outside of the kernel tree, therefore we missed packing it with the kernel. As a quick fix, I created a separate archive of it and put it on the Fairphone 3 GPL website as well.

@k4y0z regarding git history: This is still under discussion internally, and I can’t say if and when we would publish them.


Nice. Thanks a lot. :+1:

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Hi all,

A late update on this topic: The Fairphone 3 Android 10 GPL source are now also available on code.fairphone.com.

For now, nothing changed on the release format. There is still one archive per version and part of the source tree (kernel, audio kernel, other GPL packages).