Fairphone 3 Source Code

Hi, why solved? I have not asked for the source code.

I have asked about the behavour from the fairphone company.

So maybe it’s a good idea if anyone own a fp3 to send a mail via post with a deadline to publish the sources, then give this case to an advocate, maybe money this the only think whats count on fairphone executive suite…

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I guess so there’s a quick way in a meanwhile halfway long topic to find the post which referenced the official announcement from Fairphone that they are working on compliance with the GPL. (When a post is marked as a solution it gets linked to in the first post so users entering the topic can easily find it).

In case you mean you want to have an answer from Fairphone directly here … This is a community forum, not the company, Fairphone staff might occasionally read along here and engage, or not. You would have to contact the company directly.

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Yes, well regarding “fairphone executive suite”: it is a small, social enterprise.

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A small social company which currently violate the GPL, and this is the point here.

Oh, if you wanna play hardball, sure.

A small social company which currently allegedly violate the GPL.


Edit: @karloff
Well known already - by Fairphone too. As they admit in their posting that I linked to.
So ranting on isn’t going to do anything good.
At least rant at the relevant point: Fairphone customer support.
Or take it to a lawyer.
I just wish everyone was so sticking to the letters all the time, as you demand from Fairphone right now.


Can you or, a fairphone dev give access to fairphone3 source repo on a git or so?
If not this is not just a allegedly violation.
And I don’t wonna play any ball, I just want the source for the ability to use a different OS until hopefully fp3 open come.

Hardball = you wanna play the game describing things in legal terms, we can play that game. Since there is no jurisprudence that Fairphone has not given access to Fairphone 3 source, it is still allegedly.

Sorry … but can you read? (This is linked to in the post currently marked as solution of the topic, which is why it is currently linked to in the first post of the topic, so it can easily be found.)


Related to this, in case clarification is needed: community moderators are also not Fairphone staff.


Maybe this topic should just be closed now for the time being.
Current status is:

  • Fairphone 3 is on the market.
  • Source Code is not.

If this changes and there really is new stuff to be discussed, the thread could be reopened.
Otherwise this thread seems to be repeating itself over and over again.
Just my 2cents of course.


As proposed by @BertG I’ve closed the topic until new information comes up.

The kernel source was finally released!


I’ve also uploaded the sources in form of a nice git repository to https://github.com/FairphoneMirrors/android_kernel_fairphone_sdm632 , for anyone wanting to look at pretty diffs :slight_smile:


Fantastic news :slight_smile: Now these poor FP3 owners green with envy of LineageOS 17 for the FP2 can find some hope again … :wink:


Great thanks for making this available in a more developer friendly way. From our side we are also working on getting a public git repository of the FP3 kernel in place. I think having the git history will help anyone interested understanding the kernel sources and what they are based on.


3 posts were split to a new topic: FP3 custom rom development based on released source code

vote for close again. Source code is out now, further questions are more or less OT.
Work on TWRP and custom roms is very much appreciated, but there are other topics so far.

This topic was for the question if/when FP3 source code is released.
Please continue with development discussions, based on that source code e.g. in FP3 custom rom development based on released source code