Fairphone 3 problems with sims

I have just bought a Fairphone 3 and am having trouble inserting the battery after putting the Sims in. When I inserted a sim in the sum 1 slot then I was able to insert the battery but when I turned the phone on it didn’t recognise that there was a sim inserted. I have 2 Sims and when I insert them both, I can’t insert the battery. Amy tips?

Are the SIMs manufactured as nano SIMs or have they been cut from other formats? Are you sure you inserted them correctly?
See the hints here:


They have been cut from other formats

If they are slightly fat they may no go all the way in and so the battery can’t be fitted. There should be no protrusion into the battery bay.

Do not force the sims in. There is a small spring which they come up against.



I had managed to insert one sim into the sim 1 slot and put the battery in but when I turned the phone on it asked me to insert a sim.

That‘s what you told us already in the beginning. But you don‘t answer the other questions.
Who cut the cards? If they are that old, that they were not precut, it might be a good idea to ask your provider for a new set of SIMs.


Strongly seconded if the SIMs weren’t precut by the provider already, so that you only needed to pop the smaller format out of the larger one.

SIMs cut to size with whatever tools are just unreliable and can cause all sorts of havoc. It’s smarter to just get original ones in the necessary format than having to deal with erratic phone behaviour or even damaging the phone.


They were pre cut. I only needed to pop the smaller format out of the larger one.

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They were pre cut. Not so old.

My provider doesn’t provide nano sims.

I put one sim into the sim 1 slot and it springs out but I pushed it back in when putting the battery in. I can’t put both sims in though. And even when I have just one sim in the phone doesn’t reconise it.

Ok, one possible problem less.

That’s ok if they are precut. That’s a clean way to supply several formats in one.


Interesting, didn’t come across a sim card spring-lock, only for sd cards so far.

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Thank you. I’ve managed to do this now.


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