Fairphone 3 on Verizon in USA

Good afternoon, and thank you for looking at my question!

I am very interested in getting the Fairphone 3 and want to make sure I am able to do so currently. While I’m in the USA I have connections where getting it to me from Europe won’t be an issue.

What could be an issue is that I use Verizon for my provider. I don’t like them ethically, but it’s a family plan that saves my relatives money by bundling it together. Regardless, I would like to know what I can expect for performance on that network. I have done some preliminary research and it looks like 4G connection would be a stretch, but 3G should be more consistent.

Do my finding match with current expectations for performance? Are there other caveats I should be concerned with? If this isn’t the right phone to go with, what other options do I have to ethically get a decent cell phone(options outside of buying a used phone). Thank you again for reading my question!

The Fairphone 2 did not connect to Verizon at all as they use different frequency bands than in Europe - and Fairphone is only selling to the European market. So far, Fairphone 2 users appeared to have the best results with AT&T. See also this forum topic: Taking Fairphone 2 to USA.

Using https://www.frequencycheck.com/carriers/verizon-wireless-united-states as source, it appears the Fairphone 3 does support the frequency bands used by Verizon, but there is a huge warning on that page that only approved devices can be used. The Fairphone 3 will probably not get approval, as it does not have an FCC certification.


I looks like the info from that site is a bit out of date. I found this source which looks to be up to date. Taking a look at the LTE B5 band here coverage in my next of the woods seems decentish, and B66 AWS-3 seems to be pretty darn good. Do you know if Verizon would still block the device from connecting?

Someone has to try. I don’t recall forum posts about the FP3 in the USA.

I don’t see any FP3 users in the topic here: Fairphone owners in the USA

Also, Verizon does not appear to have a 3G network anymore? If they do, you possibly could connect there. FP2 users were able to use 3G on AT&T.

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Did you try this @strongthany? I’m considering going down the same path…


I did try this, and I’ll rely what I remember from when I tried it and then conclude with what I’m currently doing that works.

Unboxed Fairphone, slotted my Verizon SIM in, and powered on. It looked to show that it recognized a network, but nothing would go through. Not 4G data, not call, not text. What seems to be the issue from that is that Verizon could have it work, but they don’t accept the device on their network. Maybe they do it for security, maybe they don’t have the the right bands support that fairphone has, or maybe they just don’t want to. So that leaves with our only other option…

Okay maybe not anything, but it seems like most other providers work. If you want to spend the dosh, use AT&T or T-mobile, otherwise use a reseller that piggybacks off of their network. The choice there is on you, but I can personally attest to T-mobile working for me.

Hope this helps! Sorry for the delayed response.