When is Fairphone 3+? coming to the USA?

Hello I am a consumer that likes to stretch my dollar, and with my phone dying I was looking to more sustainable phones since I like to fix my electronics…
Sadly my phone is not the easiest to repair…

I was wondering if a USA release was ever coming, I would love to buy one!

Hi @TheRed40 Welcome to the forum.

There are a few other such queries, when I find the links I’ll edit this however a @moderators may move this post to an existing topic.

However the answer probably not for a long time as Fairphone can hardly handle support smoothly enough with Europe were they offer a two year warranty.

The only other option is to buy from a third party and if you can find someone in Europe to buy for you and send then you can use them for the warranty returns.

Hi @TheRed40 Welcome to the forum.

Here are the USA related Post in the Forum



I think never. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


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