Fairphone 3 not charging

Hi! I’m having problems with my fairphone 3 which is not charging the battery, even though the light is coming on at the top of the screen when the charger is plugged in. I’ve tried restarting in safe mode, taking the battery out and shutting down. Nothing is working. Have had similar charging problems in the past too but they’ve fixed themselves. This time it’s persisting. Please help!

Hi @madherbs . First welcome to the forum and please contact support[at]fair phone dot com if you have concerns, this is only a user forum.

Saying that, have you read many of the topics of a similar nature, that mention the cable, the charger, battery, bottom module, core module etc?

How long have you had the phone?

EDIT I’ve just looked at your profile and it says you have only been reading for 1 minute, so I guess you haven’t read anything on the forum ~ maybe you thought this was official help so just asked?

Hi @madherbs
Sounds like a hardware problem, faulty cable, dirt in the USB port… all sorts of possibilities.
Read around the forum, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this topic, as Amoun says!
First things to do: make sure the USB port is clean, try a different cable and a different charger.
Seeing that the charging LED comes on, it might be a problem with the bottom module. Try and get in touch with a Fairphone Angel or someone nearby to test a different bottom module. If you do this, the Ifixit tutorials are considered good.


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I have been trough this → https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048018492--My-phone-doesn-t-work-What-now-

but not working.

My phone is not charging anymore: if I plug in the cable the red light stop blinking (i have almost 11% battery left) but no sign of charging on the screen.
Even if with cable plugged in the red light stand still (not blinking) the battery doesn’t charge, and instead it goes down.
If I switch off the phone and plug the cable, the FAIRPHONE phrase appears and then another screen about charging → see aattachments.
this goes around in loop and it is NOT charging.

What can I do?

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That is exactly my problem right now. You’re not alone, take a look to this topic: Troubleshoot Fairphone 3 doesn't charge anymorge / bottom module is already changed

I haven’t tryed cleaning contacts yet, because I don’t have a screwdriver here with me, but I hope I can try cleaning contacts with ispropyl alcohol soon, and I hope that works. Fingers crossed… :pensive:

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Hi and welcome to the forum

You can search for similar problems and of course the title isn’t ‘searchable’ due the spelling of the last word.

That word cannot be changed as there is already a topic with that title.

So I changed the title :slight_smile: and have asked your post be moved here to another with the ‘same’ title.

You may also search

As this is an FP3 how old is it and do you still have a warranty?

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thanks for sharing bro, even if I am afraid to void my warranty with that, may I risk it?

thanks, it is like 1 year and 5 months old, do I still have a warranty? How can I check? thanks!

oh and for instance I dont’ really understood what u did with my topic/post, but as far as pple are answering I guess it is gud.


Technically yes it’s a two year warranty.

One issue that can void it is dampness, which may be detected if you sent it off for an offcial repair.

It is always a good idea to contact fairphone offcially you ca use thier form or email tp support@fairphone.com

Eihter way you should get a ticket number within 24 hours or so, excluding weekends, but it can take a couple of weeks to get any usefull info back.

If you email, please send proof of purchase and a lot of detail.

You can remove the screen to see if there is any indication of water ingress though the red square is by no means definitive. Corrosion of contacts between the modules can be harder to see.

If you are in hurry, why wouldn’t you be, :frowning: you can call and ask if they accept that you are going to open the phone to see if there is water damage by checking the indicator, if there is then the warranty is void and you can dismantle to your will.

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I found that trying different charging cables made a difference - have you had a go at that?

Hope you sort it!


Thanks Maddy for getting back with your update.
Yes, the quality of the cable can make a big difference, and in all cases it needs to be a cable rated for data and not just charging.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for me. It may be the case if the phone isn’t working correctly but both my FP3s will charge from a very old mains Nokia charger with a µUSB via a straight through µUSB to USBC adapter.

Although it will only provide 5V it does charge.

tried two different charger, and btw it was working one week ago with the same cable so I guess it isn’t that. thanks anyway for sharing

opened a ticket last week, no answer yet. I ll try with the email thanks

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If you do decide to check if the water indicator is red you have ‘only’ to remove the screen. Use the guide provided by Fairphone via this link . . . to follow


In case your repair might be covered by the manufacturing warranty, please contact our Customer Support before you order your modules yourself. The repairability of our devices is aimed at repairs that are not covered by the manufacturing warranty, for example due to user damage. To claim manufacturing warranty, you will have to contact us first.

Honestly fam I am a bit disappointed here. Trying to reach out Fairphone support for a week now, no one is answering. I will probably claim the warranty, still doesn’t make much sense :frowning: