Fairphone 3 not charging

Hi! I’m having problems with my fairphone 3 which is not charging the battery, even though the light is coming on at the top of the screen when the charger is plugged in. I’ve tried restarting in safe mode, taking the battery out and shutting down. Nothing is working. Have had similar charging problems in the past too but they’ve fixed themselves. This time it’s persisting. Please help!

Hi @madherbs . First welcome to the forum and please contact support[at]fair phone dot com if you have concerns, this is only a user forum.

Saying that, have you read many of the topics of a similar nature, that mention the cable, the charger, battery, bottom module, core module etc?

How long have you had the phone?

EDIT I’ve just looked at your profile and it says you have only been reading for 1 minute, so I guess you haven’t read anything on the forum ~ maybe you thought this was official help so just asked?

Hi @madherbs
Sounds like a hardware problem, faulty cable, dirt in the USB port… all sorts of possibilities.
Read around the forum, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this topic, as Amoun says!
First things to do: make sure the USB port is clean, try a different cable and a different charger.
Seeing that the charging LED comes on, it might be a problem with the bottom module. Try and get in touch with a Fairphone Angel or someone nearby to test a different bottom module. If you do this, the Ifixit tutorials are considered good.


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