Fairphone 3 died out of the blue. no response from support team. I need help

my fairphone suddenly had no reaction. after trying a normal restart its dead. no way to turn it on since two weeks now. charging shows nothing, no blue led, nothing. The Akku was almost full when it happened.
I wrote to the support team and got one response: I shall try different chargers and cables and clean the USB port. I did, with no success. since 10 days the support team does not answer, I wrote several times.
I’m quite disappointed. I´d like to send it in to fix that, its just two years old:(
do you have any glue what to do?
greetings to the swarm!


Hi and welcome. I would advise to call support, number can be found here #contactsupport.

There are a few reports with similar description


So you did get a response and presumably carried out soem instructions, which were to try other chargers and cables. ??

Cleaning the port isn’t easy , you may have tried but failed, there is a post a bout that ~ i’ll try to find it.

The other issue is that you say you wrote several times.
It only clogs up the in-tray if you ‘write’ email etc. more than once. Yvmuell has indicated you can call, which often makes a huge difference as you get to speak to a person, not an inbox.

Still meanwhile try to find someone with a battery to check it is just a charging problem.

Remove the bottom module and more to clean and ensure the module contacts are seated. There are lots of posts on such.

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Cleaning the port isn’t easy , you may have tried but failed, there is a post a bout that ~ i’ll try to find it.

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the appliance has never been exposed to moisture…
I found threads where the problem was the motherboard and only sending it in could solve the problem. where can I send in my fairphone?

Follow this link

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I wrote several times…

You mean you have filled out the online request several times? Did you get a new ticket number each time or ‘what’ response did you get, any? Not even an email of acknowledgement ?

email of acknowledgement - yes
further reaction - no

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Not to forget, this is still valid …

For urgent/existing requests you can contact us by phone:
+31 20 788 4400
Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:00 CET

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I have exactly the same problem! I bought a fairphone 3 in 2020 with only 2 years warranty. On the day one month after the warranty expired, the phone stopped working. I received no help from support as the phone is no longer under warranty and bought a new battery to see if that was the issue. Today the new battery arrived and my phone is still dead. Which other part could be the issue? I noticed that there are several other people here with the same problem. Does fairphone have planned obsolescence?

I doubt it but modular phones can be a bit frail.

Regarding your issue:

You can dismantle the phone and check and clean all the module contacts. I’m surprised you bought a new battery? Did you test the battery voltage etc.

Power to the main module is controled by chips on the motherboard and the USB port has a path to charge the battery.

So sadly if the main module has failed it will be an expensive repair. So the best you can do is read a lot of similar topics to see what others have done.

Given the warranty has expired all Fairphone can do is a paid for repair.

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hi there,

i finally reached support, i think via phone and they still accepted my phone as a warranty case. i wrote many emails before and got upset and hoped for goodwill. that worked out. i got a return order and sent it in for repair. 2 weeks later I had my Fairphone back and since then it runs wonderfully.
the mainboard was broke, the heart of the phone.
I wish you much success. stay tuned!


I spoke with support today, and after having a look at the price list for repairs, I came to the conclusion that my fairphone journey ends here. I had faith in this project as a path towards more sustainable electronics and towards repairability. Therefore it comes as a huge disappointment that the phone died after precisely 25 months, I can’t actually repair it myself and having it repaired would yield me a phone with no warranty for the price of a new Samsung A33 with 5 years of warranty. :worried:

I was wandering that Samsung brings a product in the cheap “A” class with 5 years of warrenty.
Or is this maybe a typo?

In Germany all Samsung mobiles have only two years of warranty. Maybe the update promise was meant.

So as 5 years isn’t standard maybe you could provide a ref: for such a buy.

Further see

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