Fairphone 3 battery / loading issues

Hello community.
First post here…

My partner has a fairphone 3, probably since 2, maybe 3 years. She doesn‘t remember.

Since quite sone time, the battery loading process is running wild. It becomes worse, and, according to the owner, is especially bad/strange after a system-update.

The battery‘s load status is jumping from 60% to 30% to 15%…

Sometimes the phone just shuts off without a warning or anything…

Too old bAttery or faulty setting/android?

Thank you for help and poknters!

Welcome to the forum.
There are almost identical queries, have you searched for the topics?

There are many things to consider hence reading the others may help eliminate rather than go through asking you what you have done and suggesting this snd that.

I will try and find other similar topics.


Sounds more like a poor connection, so cable, usb port, dismantle and clean etc. would be the first things to try.

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What OS and version?
Do ‘you’ use an SD card how is it formatted?

Is it an FP3, which is likely given you think it is over two years old. The FP3 has a transparent back cover, the FP3+ is black opaque.

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After a system update, maybe with app updates too, the phone generally has to work harder than usual with background tasks that will consume the battery charge much faster than usual. This should quieten down after a few hours.

Sounds to me as though the battery needs to be replaced.

What are the owner’s habits as regards charging? Just plug in and leave charging over night to 100%?

If you can find a nearby #fairphoneangel you might be able to test results with a different battery.

Hi Amoun
It’s a fp3 (transparent cover),
Android 10
No SD-card.

Hello OldRoutard
Charging habits vary.
Sometimes it’s plugged overnight, sometimes just 1/2 hour. Status is more or less always jumpy…
Systemupdates occur rather seldom. Partner ain’t tech-savvy :~

thanks again. went to the above thread, ran that battery status check.
it says:

Curr Level: 49
Min Level: 49
Voltage: 3.787
Temp: 29.1
Plug Type: None
Status: Discharging
Batt Type: Li-ion
Health. GOOD
Result: Plug in Charger

Argh, it says “health GOOD”?

Hi depending upon the work you want to do.

  • you can start in safe mode to see if any apps are messing about
  • disassemble, clean and reassemble
  • factory reset

The battery stats ??

My phone is at 39% with a voltage of 3.809 as I type ~ thought yours was a bit low. You may want to clean the battery contacts.

I won’t provide links at this stage, though you can find info on each via a search.

All the best

I would like to suggest to try a kickstart to reset the software of the battery.

Hi there!
Just to complete this thread, I‘d like to thank you all!
The tips on how to improve battery-function seem to have worked, together with the deletion of a game („2 dots“ or something like that that seemed to interfere with whatever it did interfere.
My partner‘s FF3 is again working just as expected.

See ya!


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