Fairphone 3/3+ case

I’ve found a site that make nice leather cases for Teracube and other phones or electronics.

I know, it’s a bit pricey :wink:

Maybe, if they have enough demands, they could make one for the Fairphone with a good price. I recently ask them and waiting for an answer.

Sounds familiar, see here …

Nothing came of it, probably because something like this is already there in the EU, costing less … https://annatreurniet.nl/t/fairphone-cases.

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I found the official rubber case already expensive, but with a protective screen it is a logical compromise over expensive custom made unofficial case. Plus you will support fairphone, they need the moneys.

Annatreurniet are great case, but they are glued or sticked to the phone back cover.
I don’t want that solution.

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I can relate, I had covers with such shell holders for my former Symbian and Windows phones and saw nothing wrong with that. But I can accept that sticky tape is easier on the case design and manufacturing side.

One by one kinds of covers I liked in principle got phased out, leaving only kinds of covers I like less. I liked flip covers which opened to the top more, and I really dislike book covers which open to the side. But apart from suboptimally fitting generic covers the book covers are all the flip covers there are currently for the Fairphone 3/3+.

The bumper which came with the Fairphone 3 really grew on me over time, though, I now just hope it will last. If not, this sticky tape they use now would be the least of my concern, supposedly you can remove this again. I have a case fixed like this on my Fairphone 2, I’m not worried about that.

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Finally, I’ve found a flip cover (leather) on Amazon.
The problem is that the FP3 is hold by a sticky tape.
I don’t want to stick anything on the back of my “precious” :grinning:

I could find a workaround by sticking the protective case directly on the flip cover

The only problem i the fingerprint. It’s too thick for having good result.

It needs some improvement, but I’m on the good way … :wink:


Cool, can you share a link?


Buying an ethical phone, killing animals to protect it. Wow !

and welcome to the forum.
Do you know of an alternative, when it comes to such a kind of flip cover?
Please share it.

And there are lots oft different motivations to go for a Fairphone. Veganism or even just being vegetarian is not required
Who is perfect, by the way? :wink:

Just a bit nitpicking: when buying a leather cover, you are not actually killing an animal. Though you accept and profit from the fact, that an animal has been killed.


I was a vegan for a few years, until I realized that veganism is an excuse to not reduce human population. Now that we’re aiming at Mars, I think it is the right place for us, desolate and cold.

Here is the link:


Well, I admit that it was a touchy first message.
I’m not here to spread veganism, but we are talking about being ethic and animals deserve to be treated ethically too.

Just a bit nitpicking: when buying a leather cover, you are not actually killing an animal. Though you accept and profit from the fact, that an animal has been killed.

Yes, and buying an iPhone is not directly killing the workers too…

The link provided by Woaloo is listed as fake leather by the way :wink:

Maybe the angle is bad but it does seem like you don’t have enough space on both camera and fingerprint reader.

In my case (no pun intended) the glue on Anna Treurniet’s case came off. This meant I had to reapply it. First I tried with some glue, but that didn’t stick for long. I used some white spirit to get that off and used dual sided sticky tape. This worked great, but in the summer I want to wear my smartphone on my belt (with a Mitch 15). So what I did is I applied some velcro. Now I can detach the Anna Treurniet’s case, and use Mitch 15 on my belt instead. I really like the idea of having my smartphone cover protected while phone is not in use. Young children and all that can wreak havoc. Btw, in all the circumstances I never used glue or tape or velcro around the letters of the Fairphone logo. My logo is still going strong! I also applied the velcro in the middle, with the help of a scissor I was able to get the bottom corners velcro’s too (with very minor velcro usage). The top corner I use some sticky tape, to reduce the amount of space between fingerprint reader/camera and case. It works great. However, not exactly as I wanted, cause without the sticky tape on top, the fingerprint is too far away.

As for your problem, you might be able to get better result with re-registering your fingerprint, or using sticky tape to reduce the amount of space with your fingerprint reader.


I look at a tree and I don’t want it to be cut, reforestation or not. But I will cut it to build a home for my body, same way I will kill an animal for sustenance, for the same reason I will kill a plant. All life deserves respect, vocal cords or not. Life feeds on life, it is inevitable. Thus the more humans there will be on this planet the more ecosystems will have to be sacrificed.