High quality handmade cases for Fairphone 3


I am looking to see if there would be any interest for high quality leather cases for the Fairphone 3. We are a small leather shop based in Portland, OR in the US and we specialize in smartphone wallet cases. I strongly agree with the core values of Fairphone and I think our products might appeal to Fairphone users. Here’s a case for the Teracube (a phone company with similar values to the Fairphone): https://www.handandhide.com/products/teracube-phone-custom-phone-wallet

Please let me know if you are interested.




Hi Jeff an welcome to our forum. Thanks for dropping by.

Pretty sure there is, as there were also some nice third-party cases available (and desired) for the FP2.
You are at the right place, wait and see.
I am most confident there will be some FP3 users highly interested to get their fingers on one.
It looks fancy.

Do you ship directly or do you maybe have another distributor somewhere in the EU? Considering the price maybe Fairphoners tend to agree on a centralized order organized by one of our #localcommunities

I still have my FP2 though.

In case there is enough interest you should also take care of a good matching of the camera opening. See what I mean here.


Really interesting and I love that it’s handcrafted and made to order.
I know, that the craftsmanship is absolutely worth the price.
But to me, the pricetag is too much.
If you add shipping and tax (there is no customs, if the value is less than 150 €), it’s even more expensive. The 19% tax is on the shipping costs as well.
At 99 $ (about 89 €) you will end up at around 115 €.


Once the price of the order is above 150 €, the import costs will rise, as customs will be added.

Edit 2:
I just checked the German customs homepage.
All the calculations above are based on German regulations.
If I got it right, customs is just 3% in this case, so it*s not that much and if the costs for shipping would be lower, it might in fact be worth to place an order community-wise.


They look good and well-made. Considering past responses to leather cases it may be worth considering other materials, or recycled leather at least. Lots of vegans and animal lovers on here!


I figured that the price and customs might be an issue. We don’t have an EU distributor but we definitely could batch orders if there is enough interest. If so, we could offer a decent discount - say 20% off if there are 10 orders in a batch. I guess I wait and see if there is enough interest.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks! Unfortunately, we don’t work with any other materials aside from leather. At least leather is a natural material that biodegrades rather than fill up a landfill. We do use only veg-tanned leather so the production of it is also not nearly as bad as most leather.


Same for me:
Price too high, preferring vegan fabrics.
Besides that: Looks really nice.

Partly connected to this: There’s competition already from within the EU, and it’s cheaper.

I won’t link to it directly here because this is your Sell topic and it should stay that way, but there are already bookstyle flip cases out there for the Fairphone 3, handmade by a small Dutch workshop using some sensible leather choices or alternatively a vegan material.
They seem to sell well, too, diminishing the number of potential buyers for your case.


Not a vegan so don’t mind leather since it lasts a lifetime. Of course there will be few who will agree wit the high shipping costs and overall price. Concerning the design magnets are better than buttons for closing mechanism. The phone is quite thick so the case has to be as slim as possible. Who knows you might pique people’s interest.

@AnotherElk: Could u share a link, pls?
I mean some other place than this post … spares other folks the searching (I at least didn’t succeed in googling by description).

Sent you a PM.

It’s out there in the forum, so anybody else don’t be lazy and search … or ask @Dramaqueen now :wink: .


It looks gorgeous, I love leather since it doesn’t cause micro- and nanoplastic issues. Your webpage also says all sensors stay working and all, that’s really very nifty. Wishing you good luck!

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