Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

I found a cover case on the internet: Smart Magnet case Fairphone 2 (4.7 x 5.3 inch)
It suits quite well.

Hi there,
I have an external case from Fairphone but I’m afraid it is not solid enough if my phone falls down and I don’t want to take the risk. I’m running with my phone, working, travelling, and the chance of letting it drop is high, nor only on the back but what about it falling on the side?!
So I would like to buy an extra case (from a store or the internet in rubber, silicone or so) but I don’t find any good ones for the size of the FP2. Does anyone has any good ones to recommend?
Thank you.

Just moved your request here, as it seems to me, you might find the answer or rather an option of your liking here.
There are quite a few covers (mostly slip cases) especially for the FP2.
Just scroll a bit up (e.g. posting #93).

Anyone knows if there is some splashproof/rugged case around?

Of course there are always waterproof pouches like this one from Waka-Waka:
or here on amazon

But that’s a solution, where you have to take the phone out to use it. That’s probably a good solution for the beach or to have it on you taking a swim.

Of rugged cases or even more so splash-proof cases, I would not know.
Considering the modularity of FP2 and the easy-to-open cover, those kind of cases face some real challenges.


You may also read into this topic.

Some of them may suffice your needs even when not being used on a bike.

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I just made a new case for the fairphone2. Its a flip cover/book type. I also have a sleeve/ sock for it. And I ship internationally :slight_smile:


Hey, they look very nice. :smiley: :ok_hand:

There is one thing though I have to remark:


On other people’s cover I could sometimes realize that the opening around the camera may look as a perfect match. But when taking a picture the flash light actually is still partially blocked by the cover not providing the full light shape as it would do without a cover. Users often don’t realize by themselve until I mention it and show the difference in the picture’s uneven light illumination.
This should be taken care of and if necessary corrected.

Furthermore the flash light effects an entire 360° circle.
Flatten the material around the camera may help or keeping the aperture slightly bigger than the camera part would help too.
Just an idea.


Thanks for pointing it out, you are right! As these cases are made to order, I will adjust this for the next orders!


Ohh I love the way the OV Chipkaart is on the back. If you fix the flash problem, please update here.

EDIT: Meh, I just figured I gotta remove my battery every week for LOS update due to camv2. No dice I guess. Still, very much like the design.

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So, I’ve adjusted it, feel free to check it out.


Looking good :+1: .
And now a vertical flip case please.
Bonus points for space left out at the bottom around the micro USB port for charging with the case closed (space large enough for micro USB connectors and magnetic adapters).


That’s why I made a booktype flip case :smile::wink: but I will keep it in mind!

Do you recon it is going to fit inside a Feuerwear Mitch 10? That’s my current case (without the option of holding my OV Chipkaart), and I like using it together with a belt so the phone doesn’t fall out of my pocket (yeah, that already happened and I was lucky the finder was honest).

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On Amazon you can find a variety of holders, holsters, hard and soft cases for the Fairphone. When they advertise it as “for Fairphone 2” they have to deliver correct dimensions.

Also, screen protective foils are available. I bought one, but since then haven’t used it (FP2 comes with one, but that’s just a scratch protector, but it fits so snuggly I did not want to remove it so far).

At the moment I use this soft case (felt):

and this holster (leather):

I try to use things that are at least similar to the Fairphone spirit, so I would prefer European materials and manufacture, natural stuff if available. The felt case I use daily. Its kind of thick, but that also means it is protective. High quality. The leather holster is also of quality, but for my liking the belt clamp is a little too strong for anything but the thinnest belts, so putting it on or off is not as easy as it could be (but once attached, the holster is FIRMLY attached to the belt…).

So far I bought, but have not yet used this protective foil:

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Veeeery nice. :+1:
Thanks for listening. I think the visible color rim from the case around the camera (no matter which case color) somehow to me looks like extra eye candy. I hope they sell well.

Hm, just another idea…for some phones I have seen cases to fold up as a stand. Do you think there would be a demand for such cases (H/V keeping the charge option available as an extra :wink:) for the FP2?

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I think it’s a little bit to big for that feuerwear case…

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