Fairphone 2…what a disappointment!

Yes I have series of pb with my FP2.

Indeed, between reboots that I do not control (I tried it all from the forum’s hints), the contacts forced into Google account and apparently no way to put them in the SIM card, the games (like Brain’s) that leave no access to Return or Home button (then the only way to exit them is to manually reboot! ironic, isn’t it?),… I feel so disappointed by the FP2 I had dreamed so much because of its concept…

Back to Samsung then.
And wishing you better luck with your Fairphones

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You do know, that a faulty device being “DOA” (dead on arrival) can happen with every phone (Samsung as well ;)) or any other technical device. Not to mention other serrious issues like exploding batteries.
I am really sorry for your bad experience, but your conclusion seems a bit harsh.
Have you tried a replacement?
What did support say?


You can go back to Samsung, but nothing of those is typically observed on Fairphone or specific to Fairphone. In most fullscreen games, you can swipe in from the bottom to reveal on screen keys for back, home and recent apps. Neither the Fairphone OS nor Google force you to sync your contacts to Google Services. You cannot copy contacts to the SIM easily since the SIM cards contact storage is quite limited and there is a high risk of data loss since Android is able to same way details to contact compared to the sim. This, too, is not Fairphone specific, it’s the same on most modern Android phones and iOS, by the way.


Hi Bert, thanks for your response, do you mean by your response that my experience is not normal? I had read so many others having the same problems that I assumed it was quite normal and had simply been waiting on the hope that some OS updates would help me out.

If you think my phone needs to be replaced then I will contact support.

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If you refer to random reboots, then such experiences are not normal, you can expect a Fairphone 2 to give you no trouble out of the (for the smartphone realm) ordinary. Most Fairphone 2s work totally fine.
For hints on how to tackle random reboots, see #randomreboots .

My Fairphone 2 works totally fine, too.

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Thanks for the reply, how is your battery life?

Thanks Ben for your clarifications. From my point of view, these pb are FP specific since I faced them only on it, and on none of the other 5 phones we have in the family. Admit it, it is frustrating!
The SIM option, for whatever bad it can be, should be left to user’s choice. I personnaly find it useful when nomading between phones.
Anyway, the reboot issue seems a real FP one… and I have not solved it yet. And I am not totally incompetent with hardware!
I’d be happy to be convinced to remain with my FP if I can find solutions… quickly!

If you can not solve it via #randomreboots , then Fairphone support need to sort that out for you, it is a defect of the phone that shouldn’t occur.


I’m no power user either, to give you an idea of how my battery performs, I switched the phone off last night with 30% left at around 11pm, when I switched it back on again it told me I had only 9% and by the time it had finished booting and I unlocked it it was down to 4% and then within 30 seconds it had run out of juice and switched off.

Well, that definitely is not normal.
I guess booting any smartphone would drain the battery considerably more than normal operation, but the battery draining that much when the phone is off?
If you can not solve it via #batteryguide , then Fairphone support need to sort that out for you, it is a defect of the phone that shouldn’t occur.

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This sounds like a battery at the end of life. I have a similar behaviour with my current battery, but it is nearly 2 years old and I know I will have to replace it in the near future.
It will lose power really quickly when it’s below 40%, above it is still quite usable.
However in the last couple of days there seem to be some Android phones having issues with Google Play services eating up too much power, maybe yours is affected by this. Ok, not when turned off, but possibly during normal usage.

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I do understand that this situation is frustrating. As with any other brand, you should contact support to get your problem solved/your device fixed. My personal experience with FP support was excellent.

I do not share your impression that FPs are in particular error prone. This forum is not the place to gain an objective view on FPs reliability. People that experience problems come here. Those that don’t have any usually do not comment here.

In my phone-history, my FP2 has had some troubles. However, my old iPhone really drove me crazy. And so did Apple support.

Good luck to you!


Thanks for the reply, I’m desperately hoping support help me sort this out, contacted them…three days ago…still waiting though :no_good_woman:

Thanks for the reply, contacted support so hope they help, on my third full charge today! :bowing_man:

Give Support a call and have your ticketnumber at hand.

Just to add some credibility to the idea that the FP2 has more problems than other phones…

I am on my 4th FP2 (one replaced, one down the toilet, one stolen), and have consistently had similar problems. I’ve spent hours trying to address the problems. Things aren’t as bad as in the early days, but performance is still poor. I am now at the point where I am just ‘making do’. FP2 is not a good phone, but supporting the cause is still important to me. So here I am.

On the upside, having a phone that is frustrating to use makes me spend less time on my phone!

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To troubleshoot this I’d look at the common denominator: you, or more specific: your usage. Try out #dic:safemode for a while. If you don’t have issues there than some app you are using is causing them. E.g. the official facebook app is known to cause issues.

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Indeed. Many apps I use regularly seem to trigger issues on my FP2, where they don’t on other devices. But FP2 can’t seem to cope with demanding tasks generally, which I don’t think is an app-specific problem.

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I love that kind of optimism! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am absolutely sure, that Fairphone is having a larger percentage of troubles than other phones. But that’s to be expected. (And I can make do with all I have encountered so far.)
As I already posted in another thread, there are some vital points, that have to be taken into account:

  • The total number of phones having been produced so far is likely to equal the number of phones produced by one of the global players dayly. As the phones are produced in batches, product enhancements don’t seem to happen, while they in fact can be implemented only with every new batch

  • While global players can force their suppliers and production plants to do thorough quality testing and to destroy whole batches of phones ore parts before delivering them to the customer, Fairphone has no such opportunity (moneywise as well as market power-wise); making it more likely defective devices are being delivered to customers.
    The change of supplier for the displays in my opinion is proof thereof.

  • The FP2 is a newly developed phone and a revolutionayre new modular design concept. Those kind of products tend be more troublesome, as such new concepts always have to prove themselfes against real everyday use.

My expectation would be, that, as demand grows, production cyles are getting shorter and possible design flaws will be corrected, bringing the error rate down to a normal level.

Just as a reminder:
I am absolutely satisfied by my FP2; I am not a poweruser and have experienced minor flaws only. Biggest problem would be the fast draining of the battery (that really has not been improved by Android 6 ;))