Fairphone 2…what a disappointment!

Its a pity… I’ve access to 2 working FP2
Both got the random reboot problem…
it got much better with 6.X from up to 4 reboots a day to a reboot every four days…
Just before the update to Android 6 i tested it without any additionally installed it also and it was terrible… I could reproduce a reboot with an mjpeg-streamer stream within 5min till 3 hours. After Android 6 the crashes only occurs over 12 hours… (stressed)
for me it is ok now. but it is still not the best user expierience…
atm im using linageos with 7.1.2 and it works just fine.(with the reboots)

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Three days is a short time to wait for Fairphone Support staff to reply. I have been waiting since 11 December, with three reminders since then. The battery of my new FP2 drains in about three hours so I can’t use it anywhere out and about - I recharge it at least three times a day. Cannot believe that some people have phones where the battery lasts all day and they use GPS and take photos without worrying about immediate draining of battery to 0%. The FP1 battery wasn’t too good but at least it got through to the afternoon as long as I didn’t do too much Googling or take more than a few photos, but this far worse. It is a refurbished phone, supposedly as good as ‘new’, cost more than 400 euros and I can hardly use it. The terrible battery is only one of several things I don’t like about FP2 - like the stupid button on the side taking photos all the time.

Like you, I really want to believe in Fairphone but this pathetic battery and total absence of response from the support staff is deeply disappointing.


Give Support a call and have your ticketnumber at hand.

Perhaps you can disable that (I’m on LineageOS and can’t check, sorry) …

Like most of you, I’d like to support the concept behing the FairPhone. But indeed too many problems (and I am sure that the staff do whatever they can, but when there are so many bugs, there is so much they can do).

I am back to another brand, and I tell my friends to wait for a better version. I know that could be a vicious circle… if we all wait to buy FP, then they may go bankrupt… but I can’t afford financially and evenmore ethically to buy a phone to leave it in a cupboard!

All the best to the FP Team… waiting for FP xx!!

PS: I have not checked if somebody has the same (another!) problem, or if I have an ear shape problem, but when I answer a call normally (as opposed to using earplugs), the call ends right away… funny, but annoying!

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I’m very disapponted too… I got my new phone last October with camera and reboot problems, and they are not solved yet. I did all what I was asked to, but nothing worked and there seems to be no one getting my messages because there’s no answer since December the 7th… I’ve sent many reminders with no answer and I don’t know what else to do…
If I could go back in time I would have never bought it, I think it’s far too expensive for the service they provide…


I think a lot of problems are related to FP OS and not so much problems of the hardware (although there seem to be a lot of hardware problems too).
I recommended my brother the FP 2 some months ago and was a bit scared that it was a bad recommendation (especially when you think of the price) when he told me about random reboots and not really good battery life and a phone getting hot for no obvious reason.

What we did: Lineage OS (+microg). Since he is using LOS there are no random reboots anymore as well as a strongly improved battery behavior.
(I almost forgot that I had reboots etc too, but since I use LOS already more than half a year now I forgot about it. Since that I had maximimum 1 or 2 reboots…)

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Give support a call and have you ticketnumber at hand.

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I’ll try to… my oral English is not as good as my written one…
Thanks for the advice


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No problems, they speak English, German, Dutch and French at support.


Adding to the answer I gave you in the italian thread you opened with a similar post, I ve tried to replicate the problem you encourred in while exiting games. I did try several “brain” games from play store but didnt find any problem exiting or switching to other tasks. If you could be more specific I wouldnt mind to investigate further.

I’m catalan… I’ll stick to English :wink:
Thanks for the advice!


I am afraid we are far too many of us like you. And FP Team can’t deal with all of us. Too bad, because these initial misconcepts, leading to all these pb we face with our FP2s, are ruining FP’s reputation… and we tend to go back to anti-social anti-environment but fine working Samsung and other Androids…

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well, I do not want my FP2 anymore, and still do not know what to do either! Since it is full of bugs and problems, I can’t even give it away!

However, I like the concept, and I wish THEY would like us to keep on supporting them, only if they would accept their initial failures which we would quickly forgive IF…

Let’s keep in touch … hopefully something will eventually move


I uninstalled them and reinstalled them, and now they work fine.

I had a somehow similar problem with the touch screen: I could not phone without earplugs otherwise the call would end (my ear lobes are too long??)

Anyway, now it seems to work

Why that happened? God knows!

They answered my complaint! they say there are so many people in the same situation as ours that it is difficult to handle them all… hopefully they will change the piece that doesn’t work…


Is there any information from Fairphone support about which module could be malfunctioning?

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Haven’t heard of any in particular…


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