Fairphone 2 unusable while charging

Basically the titel says it all…
My display isnt responding when charging. Any ideas what to do about it?

I’ve moved your post to the relevant topic - see the first post for links to the official support article and community resources on this issue.

I am experiencing the described behaviour (touch screen suddenly freezes) since the latest FP Open release (17.02). It happens only while charging. Locking / unlocking the phone solves it - until the next freeze happens.

If it’s the charger is not smooth or is carrying high frequency noise then perhaps a ferrite core around the cable might help?

Based on some of my previous testing I’ve found that chargers that provide less than 5.0V under load, even just 0.1V under can be enough for the Fairphone’s screen to stop working, and over a longer period of time potentially cause battery problems.

Extra resistance in the USB cable, or a low quality charger can be enough to cause the issue.


Try a different charger, preferably one that delivers 1 A current.
I had that problem with a charger delivering 0.75 A after I encrypted my phone … using other chargers delivering 0.8 A and 1 A solved that for me, the touchscreen worked fine again while charging.

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@luy I closed your other thread as the original issue is solved. Please continue here if @AnotherElk’s tip above doesn’t solve your new issue.

Now I have tried another charger with 1A and it goes perfectly

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Dear Fairfone,

My screens freezes most of the time during charging. Can this problem be solved in some sort of way? It’s getting really annoing. :slight_smile:

Please try a different charger. Make sure it outputs at least about 1.0 A (1000 mA).
Here is a list of working ones.

I had this problem with a 750 mA charger after encrypting my phone, 800 mA and 1000 mA chargers solved this.

P.S.: This is a community forum. Fairphone employees might drop by occasionally, but if you want to contact official Fairphone support, here’s a link.

Ah yeah, tnx for your answer :slight_smile: . I have a charger with an output of 1.0 A, so maybe there is something else that might help.

I’d try another charger. I have several chargers which output more than 1A, which have the problem, and the issue is that under load they are not outputting a full 5V, it’ll drop a little under to 4.9V or in more extreme cases 4.7V which causes the the screen issue.

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Just for the record, I am affected by this as well. The same charger works fine with a several other smartphones, like a Sony Xperia Z5C, which is quite new and came with another charger.

It also happens when connecting the Phone to my PC, which I do regularly with other phones as well, and that is a deal breaker for doing developed with the phone.

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The problem of not being able to use the phone during charging might be related to a two-wired cable. Try a four-wired cable (one that can be used for data transfer).

@ben what’s the output current of your chargers? (PCs usually only output 500mAh, for example.)

@Stefan thanks for your suggestions. I have checked the chargers, one of the chargers seems older, 850mAh.

I have no idea what the PC outputs, but I never had such problems with another phone. The cable is definitely a quality cable which can be used for data as well. I use it do quick charge my Sony and for development every day.

I will either get my bottom module replaced due to a faulty mic or buy a new one, I will check if that improves the situation.

Yep same here… (of course as I’m having all possible problems with my phone) :frowning:

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Odd thing here is for me, that I never observed this kind of behavior, that the touch screen is completely nonfunctional for me when on charger before like say one or two months worth of monthly android (6) updates. Or say maybe when fairphone2 switched over to android6.

so it was only recently that i noticed that I can not use the fone any more when being on charging. I dont have that many cables or different chargers, so I think i could swear that it used to work before with my scenario and setup here. Well anyways, today I finally decided to look around here on the forums and found this and some threads about screen and charging.

Weird. But thanks anways.

Yep this does seem to work although I find it better closer to the phone end rather than the charger.

Also on most charger cables it is rather difficult to pass the cable through twice.


I have never had this kind of issue either with my old Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Pad or Lenovo Pad… No matter with which charger I plug in, no matter I’m connected to the ground or not…

What’s wrong with the FairPhone 2 ? Why is it so sensitive to this touchscreen issue ?
I even have the problem when I plug a jack to listen to music with speakers connected to earth !
Chargers are everywhere nowadays. In the cars, in the airports, in the shopping malls, or even modern powerplugs in the house. I thought the FP2 was supposed to be universal, the reason why they don’t even provide a charger with it ? An since it has such a weak authonomy, I often need to charge it during day time, with the powersource I find nearby. :frowning:
When I close the screen and open it again, it works for a few seconds then again and again …
That’s really annoying. Any real solution so far ?

These so called “ferrite sleeves” (there are more expressions for them) are also available as clip on version.


They may help in some cases, but not in all.