Fairphone 2: troubles with telephone coverage / telephone network


I have a problem with the telephone coverage / telephone network.
I thought it would be my old SIM card, with I received a new one.
The problem stays.

When I put my new SIM card in another phone, it is OK.
When another person put his SIM card in my FP2, it’s not okay.
So I think there is a problem with the phone self.

On certain moments I don’t have good coverage.
I can not ring or other people cannot reach me.
I can only do emergency calls.
I don’t think it’s the network of the provider, because the other person has the same provider.

How can I fix this?
Or should I buy another phone?

Thank you to help me.

In general the FP2 doesn’t have a good radio performance compared to other phones according to my experience. However there are two things you can check:



In addition to the suggestions above you can try to set your phone to 2G before calls. This helped me a lot as a workaround.

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Switching off mobile data completely is even better, however both only helpful for outgoing Calls…

@Georg_Holzer does my antenna work?

I had the same more or less, a few months ago. But this was when I got over the border, so once abroad, I lost 4G or 3G coverage. I got it fixed after a step-by-step instruction for a workaround via my provider, which was more or less similar with a solution here at this forum somewhere. You might want to search this thread

Please tell us in which country you are and what your operator is, there might be country- or network-specific issues.


I experience similar issues when going abroad and setting the network to 2G solves my issue as @Mariette19 also mentioned.

I had the same more or less, a few months ago. But this was when I got over the border, so once abroad, I lost 4G or 3G coverage.

Not sure this is your case, a bit more info would help. I use my FP2 in the Netherlands and have a SIM from a Dutch provider. No problem with 4G in NL, but phone becomes useless outside, unless I perform the 2G trick.

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Hi everyone, please tell us which provider you have (instead of just “a Dutch provider”). Having that information is really helpful for others who may encounter the same problem.

I have a Youfone sim, previously I had Telfort, both from the Netherlands, and I have had no issues using 4G abroad so far. Only in a few places in Germany (mostly along motorways or railways, outside cities) my phone wouldn’t receive 4G where other phones did.

(and what is “the 2G trick”? Setting the phone to 2G only?)

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Yes, thanks a lot!! The reception is not as good as before it broke but it is useable again! And in combination with switching to 2G for calls I can use it without problems. In the long run I will switch to Fairphone 4 as my FP2 suffers also from frequent reboots. Baked the core module already once in the oven :wink: and it helped for a year but getting worse again (Sadly I’m a frequent phone dropper… :frowning: - not so good for the not so robust FP2). Thanks again for your awesome help!


I currently have Simyo (running on the KPN network).
I did have issue with 4G abroad (Germany, Austria, Italy). Germany only travelling through by train, Austria travelling through by train and also while being in Innsbruck for a few hours.
As I said my phone was basically unusable until I did the 2G trick. This means going to Settings → Network&Internet → Mobile network → (open Advanced section) Preferred network type. Set this last to 2G. This solved all my issues.

I live in Belgium and my provider is Orange :slight_smile:

Yeah it sometimes help when you do that but not always, and indeed it helps not for incoming calls :slight_smile:

Hi Stefanie2 - and a belated welcome to the forum!

May I re-affirm the suggestions made by @Martin_Anderseck in the second post of this thread. These immediately occurred to me too, in particular internal contacts: all the symptoms you have mentioned seem to be compatible with a potential internal contact / RF problem that might be alleviated by cleaning with isopropanol.

If you’re not confident with the idea of taking your phone to bits, I’m sure you’ll find help through a local Fairphone Angel.
Good luck! :smiley:


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