Fairphone 2 touchscreen suddenly freezes

I had the fun situation of my alarm going off this morning, but the screen not responding/turning on so I couldn’t deal with it. I had to restart the phone (15 second on the power button) and then when it rebooted the alarm started up again :smiley:

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Just had it happen slightly differently.

Hit the power button to lock the screen, then I wanted to check the time so hit power button and the screen didn’t light up. Pressing it a couple of the times got no reactions. I had a pulsing blue light.

So, I did a test call to the phone, which just rang but the phone didn’t respond at all.

Went reboot the phone as usual with a 15 sec power button hold, but after 2-3 seconds it suddenly woke up showing the screen, and then immediately restarted/crashed. Not the normal reset sequence.

It was like something was stopping the screen restarting, that suddenly cleared, letting the phone start, but then it crashed.


Hey, I have exact the same problem; when calling someone, and there is
only voicemail, my screen freezes and turns black - the only solution is
taking out the battery (since I don’t want to leave a message that ends
with curses because the phone freezes) - any solutions to this?

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Are you sure it’s not this problem: FP2 Screen can’t be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds?

Hey Johan, I’ll check, thanks. Must be that.

Another confirmation that disassembling the screen helps. I’ve had the same issue for a long time now. I disassembled and reassembled the screen, and it works now (who knows for how long…)

I wish the Fairphone team would address this issue!

Limited solution here: UNPLUG THE POWER CABLE

My touchscreen was freezing up regularly on me:

  • The display would still display
  • The display remained working (the time on the screen updates)
  • The buttons would still work work (screen off, and taking screenshots using PWR + VolDown)

A simple lock and unlock would work (as hinted here as well) but not satisfactory

It was too regular, always at night (when I had plugged in the power adapter). A back- and forth confirmed:
If the power adapter is plugged in, the touchscreen can freeze up. So if you wan’t to use it, just unplug the cable

I sincerely hope things will improve, but for some of you, I reckon this might reduce the issue to an acceptable level. It did for me.


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My screen is also freezing, but only while charging. You think to remove the display and clean the connector would also help?

No, that’s a different problem, which appears to be a combination of charger+cable+phone. Seems to have become less of an issue after one of the software issues, but in same cases it still causes problems:

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I also have the problem that my screen stops reacting at touching it. Not during charging/after calling, but randomly. Only thing that helps is removing the battery. I read all the posts in the forum on this topic, and I see a lot of complaints but no solutions? What can I do?


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The first one is not a link because it is referring to this very topic right here.

I got my Fairphone 2 two weeks ago and I immediately installed the 1.6.2 update. Im getting screen freezes sometimes when unlocking the phone and the touch seems unresponsive and sometimes the screen freezes on the home screen and I have to hold the power for 10+ seconds to do a soft boot. This then seems to solve it for the time being.

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Hey there, this support article might be useful for some of you with a touchscreen issue on your Fairphone 2.


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On my FP2 disassembling the screen, cleaning its contacts and reassembling it has also fixed all touchscreen problems.

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I’ve had the exact same failure. you have to press and hold the on/off Button from the Standby Mode until it reboots itself. Not then when the FP2 is already ON(Display is working). Follow that instruction and you’ll be really pleased by the results:).
ask for more question!

MyFP2 randomly freezes during usage. Touch screen does noto work, as well as physical buttons.
Only way to solve is to remove battery.
It happens twice a week.
OS is updated to latest version 1.11.1
No SD card; just SIM2 slot in usage.

Any suggestion?
I use FP2 for business, I need it to be stable.

Thanks in advance

Holding the power button for more than 15 seconds didn’t help? It’s a lot faster than removing the battery, even if it’s not a solution for the problem itself…