Fairphone 2 touchscreen suddenly freezes

I will try next time it will happen.
I just tried to hold the button for few seconds

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Hi all,

I had a similar problem to those described here but have just solved it (for the time being?) by changing back to my old regular case from a slim line one. To summarise:

The problem: I couldn’t unlock my phone on (re)booting/pressing the power button. It was happening every now and then until this morning when it became permanent. The screen wasn’t responding at all. I couldn’t even shut the phone down as I couldn’t press the “power down” button on the touchscreen - I had to remove the battery. Sometimes the phone would have a mind of its own, managing to unlock itself and then entering lots of numbers in the keypad.

The solution: I took the slim line cover off and used the phone “naked” - holding the battery in with one hand and typing with the other. And it worked a treat. Then I realised I’d kept my own (slightly damaged) regular case and put it back on - and it still works.

My guess is that the case has become distorted in some way (possibly because of heat?) and is pressing down on the touch screen. It can’t be dirt as I gave it a good clean this morning - in fact, if anything, I thinking cleaning might have made it worse. I might get a new case as my regular one is a bit damaged itself… But right now I’m relieved the phone is working again!

Hope this helps someone else…

This is the closest I have to my issue. When the screen freezes pressing the power button once briefly makes it in freeze but not for long. I hope this gets fixed soon as the are lots of people who have this issue.

I have the same problem. Have you found a solution, yet?

I have had similar problems. I bought a new case which stopped the screen working. It works ok in the old case. I found the entire phone has become slightly bent in my pocket over two years and the new case straightened it. But the straightening process reduced contact pressure on some of the electrical contacts between the screen and the base so I had to slightly bend the contacts back to their original alignment.

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