Fairphone 2 touchscreen suddenly freezes

I actually tried pressing it for 10 seconds :grinning: Will try 15 next time it happens.

EDIT: Now it happened again (the shortest interval so far, last incident was just yesterday) and rebooting worked without removing the battery.

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I have the exact same problem. When I call someone, the screens turns off
and will not turn on until the the other side has hung up. This means that
I cannot leave messages on answering machines (since danish answering
machines only take your message if you hang up yourself). I also cannot
make any calls to hospitals, doctors and others, since I can never “press 1
if you…” Etc.

It is a big problem that needs a fix asap.

I have tried sting the proximity sensor and the software i used gives no
readout from the sensor

You can read out your sensor with Sensors.

@Jens_Backvall, @OlleBengtsson: It sounds like you’re experiencing the problem described in the topic below, rather than the touchscreen becoming unresponsive to touch (in which case you’d still be able to see something on the screen, just not operate anything):

I have the same problem. Sometimes the touchscreen just freezes. When I press the power button, the screen goes dark as expected and when I press it again, I can enter my passcode and the touch screen works again for a while.
Already updated to 1.3.6. Happens also when not connected to a charger.

Now, I didn’t have problems in a while, but sudden it froze again. It did not react to any button and I had to take out the battery.

Update 17 days later: I did not have a problem with this ever since.

Hi @marc_bamberg, I also had he negative colors screen ! Did you have it again or did you fix it?

Hi there,
Helena, no, nothing fixed. The problem got worse.
The screen issues came more and more. I regularly turned off the phone, turned it on again (20 sec. power button style). The last 3 days I was on a festival, 2 days ago it sometimes started up again, yesterady it was over, my fairphone does anything but vibrate after turning on, sometimes LED blinking, sometimes it gets hot, but no screen. BLACK. Is this the end of it? I’m in trouble now as I need my phone for work (no fixed line number) but I want to try to get it working again, so I have to keep the SIM inside I think.
I’m desparate at the moment…
I cannot even turn it on to recovery mode or testing mode. I’m desparate at the moment. @anon48893843, do you have a solution.

Hey Marc,

Of course, we will make sure we will find a solution and that somebody will be in touch today. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Hi all!

My fairphone 2 touchscreen also freezes very often; i just have to press the side power button to turn the screen dark and then press again to enter my password and it works for a little while. I prefer using my old phone (which screen is broken) rather than the FP2 because it freezes too often!

I am planning on sending it back if the update doesn’t help, I really can’t use it!

Thank you!


a day passed, no contact from fairphone. @anon48893843 - are you a fairphone employee? Should I rather make a formal approach?

Yes, he is a Fairphone employee.

Hey, an message has been sent you to yesterday at around 18:00. If you didn’t receive it, let me know!

I’m getting this daily now. It’s extremely annoying.

I’ll lock the phone, pick it up and pressing the power button won’t light the screen again. The only way I can get back into the phone is to hold the power button for 15 secs and reboot it.

The light will flash, and if you plug it in the colour changes to show it is charging, so the phone is still working in some way.

next time it happens, I’ll get someone to phone me and see if the phone picks up…

I’m not far away from getting a different phone tbh :frowning:

Please @anon48893843 can you help me.

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Hey, I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues and it is annoying you! Definitely not what we want to hear, so let’s get you a good working phone as soon as possible. I’ll make sure we’ll be in touch today!

@delanthear don’t wait as long as I did, my phone does not start up anymore and I had luck to save at least the pictures and my downloaded items. However I could not save my calendar, this one is gone now. I have no idea how to get along now as I can not even start into recovery mode. I was too busy the last two days to work on a solution. I use my old Galaxy S3 again now. Sad but true :cry:

Happened to me twice today. The second time I got someone to try phoning me. The call rang, but the phone never rang or woke up. Needed a 15sec reboot to come back again

fyi, you replied to my open ticket, but not this issue?

I keep having this problem too, do you know how I can report this to FP?

If you are looking for official support by FP, you can open a ticket (at the bottom of the site):