Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

I beg to differ:

I know this statement. However, support told me that this statement is only valid for customers who ordered in October & November. There should have been an e-Mail to customers who ordered a phone with transparent back cover in December, clarifying the situation and announcing further delays. Unfortunately this e-Mail had not been sent.
Maybe @Douwe can shed some official light on this on Monday?

There should be an e-mail on Monday (click on the name below to see the full post):

If they gave every affected customer this opportunity, I would be fine. As I wrote, I don’t really care about the back cover colour and if I can post-order my original back cover that would be great!

@root haha, maybe that’s a good attitude (even though its stupid that we have to have an attitude like that)…

Edit: If I just could change the colour that would be fine with me. What about that possibility? That would mean no additional costs for Fairphone.

I just got the announced e-mail- For everyone who didn’t receive one, here is mine:

"Hi Fairphoner,

We are writing you with important information about your Fairphone 2 order.

At this point, we have shipped all Fairphone 2’s that were ordered in
December with the exception of orders with transparent back covers.
Currently, the warehouse is out of stock of this back cover, and since
you have a transparent cover, this unfortunately means your order is
affected. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are working to
ship your order as soon as possible.

According to our updated shipping schedule, your phone should ship next week between […] March.

Why is this happening? At the manufacturer, the phones and back covers
are produced separately. We asked our manufacturer to produce various
quantities of the different colored back covers based on the (projected)
phone orders. Unfortunately, our planning was not taken into account,
resulting in too many of one color and not enough of the others. And
because there is only one tooling machine that makes the covers (which
requires a full day to be cleaned and reset before switching colors), we
can’t produce the necessary quantity of different colors as quickly as
we’d like.

Again, we sincerely apologize for this delay, and we hope you can start
enjoying your Fairphone 2 very soon! If you have any further questions,
please get in touch with our support team.

Kind regards,

The Fairphone Team"

EDIT: I hope Fairphone reservates a phone for everybody with transluent backcovers. My nightmare would be “We’re sorry, we ran out of Fairphones. Your phone has been shipped to another customer.”. Right now I could imagine anything like that.


This topic seems to have remained silent for a while. Let me revive it. :grin:

A second (transparent) cover had been ordered right away with my Fairphone. The phone got delivered by now, but I have no information yet on when the cover will come.

If there is a reason for that, I’d be glad to know. Otherwise, this post might fit into the “Help” section.

Hi Trust,

I think you will find your answer in this post:

I have just ordered a Fairphone 2 which should be delivered in Venice, Italy. Is it possible to know aprroximately the date on which it will be delivered? My account overview says only “march 2016” but I read on the confirmation e-mail which I received after my order that it might take form two to six days.
Thank you very much in advance,
Sofia Pavanini

It depends on when you’ve ordered your FP. New orderes from February are shipped in march on a rolling basis. But if you chose a transluent back cover it might take a bit longer.

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Yes, March means March or early April. Except something unexpected happens, then it will be a few weeks later.
Fairphone will be sorry and thank you for your patience.

Seriously, if it would take 6 days now, I should cancel my order and place a new one.


What??? And I’ve been waiting for two months now? :open_mouth:

My guess would be that the 2-6 days rather refer to the shipping time, i.e. from sending to receiving the phone. As long as there are still pre-orders out there, it will still take though a couple of weeks until the phone will get shipped.

Hi @Sofia_Pavanini (and @Azby),

If you order now, you will get your phone in March - most likely at the end of March. We don’t have exact delivery timelines yet because production is not yet stabilized. We want to be more specific about delivery dates, but we are waiting on more information from production/operations team. Once this is more clear, we will update information in our webshop.

I don’t know where you saw a delivery date of 2-6 days - maybe this was the delivery option you chose. Once it is available to ship in the warehouse, it will be 2-6 days.

All the best,


Start watching my mailbox now… :wink: ordered and paid 9 januari; shouldn’t take too long now :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I have read a few times that customers who ordered their FP in early January should have received the phone by the end of February. I am aware there has been some conversation about translucent back covers, but having ordered a black matte cover I do not think I am affected by that? I ordered on 6 January (very arguably early January!) and I would be grateful for an update as to whether I fall into the “early January” category, and if so what the outlook is for my delivery.

Thanks a lot!

Hi everyone,

what could be so difficult to actually update the delivery blog on Wednesday?
I mean, this is a promise that could easily be held, or not given.


When I ordered (11.1.) the expected delivery was February.
On 24.Feb it was said “early next week”

Now, in my account it is stated “Expected Delivery April 2016”.
What happened?

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Checked my status and indeed: it is now April :frowning: ? And Joe above said that if you order now it will be at the end of March? :astonished: Please explain… I don’t mind which cover you slap on the phone anymore… I just want one (btw: ordered a black one) edit: a non-transparent blue one is ok by me; don’t need a voucher for an other color later on.

Status change from February after ordering (9th of january) to March and now to April… I understand that logistics with a product like this can be a challenge in the startup phase, but please try to inform your customers if you shift the delivery month again.

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The same here sadly :frowning:
The estimated delivery date switched from March to April just today.

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The delay is one thing. But the information politics of fairphone is a catastrophe. You can not stop providing information (e.g. don’t provide an update in blogpost “Fairphone 2 production and delivery countdown!”) and silently change estimated delivery without providing any information about that to probably hundreds of customers.

Thinking about canceling my order! Not because of the delay but because I feel being fooled.