Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

It is absurd what I’m reading . It is not possible. you have to provide answers and soon.

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[source of your quotation: https://www.fairphone.com/2015/12/10/fairphone-2-production-delivery-countdown/]

Hi Lidwien!

I ordered my FP2 – black matte cover, too! – on 2016-01-12 → the same expected delivery date: till end of February:

Support (2016-01-26):

we are right now delivering the September orders and you ordered in January so you can expect your Fairphone towards the end of February.

But now I discovered a new delivery date in my “shop account”: till April! :frowning:

Few days ago, February, 24, I asked the support if I really get the FP2 in the “next” week But no answer yet…

Best, webaschtl

Mine says, prepare batch since the begining…6th of january… could be early??

We moderators are volunteers, so we don’t have all the information.
And as there is no update on the delivery blog, I have no clue why your order says now 'till April’
I can only hope that @anon90052001 will write a new update in the delivery blog that hopefully gives an explication for orders of January that have a new delivery date ‘till April’.

Had anyone heard back? I didn’t bother contacting support because I assume it won’t hurry anything but want to know when I might get the new phone!

I ordered on the 9th Jan, and was hoping to see my phone soon but now notice that April is the expected delivery :frowning:

Hi guys, same for me, I ordered in beginning of february 2016 (FP2 transparent) and the phone delivery was to be expected to march, and since this morning… april too…
I wrote to the customer service but no answer… It is really disappointing, all the more since when we buy the phone online we are nicely informed that delivery time is two days…

Hi all,

Apologies for not writing a delivery update on Wednesday. We are working to provide an update today.


It seems all order have jumped to April, which could be a glitch in the system (this happened once before), or indeed something is going on. Delays in the weekly updates usually mean that an issue is being investigated, and that they want to be able to provide accurate information.

Meanwhile, to avoid confusion:

Means that order has been sent to the distribution partner, and no more than that as far as we can tell here. It doesn’t mean that the phone is in stock, or is being packed, or anything like that.

Probably not, as from experience here on the forum support is very busy. As said, if there’s no update on the blog, this probably means they’re investigating an issue.

Fairphone may want to change the description there, as this has come up before. Shipping time is the time in transit after the phone leaves the warehouse and does not relate to when the phone will leave the warehouse (and hence when you’ll receive it). See also:

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Thank you for your reply.
Yes the 2-6 days are in the delivery option to choose… … and then once paid, I realized on my account page that the delivery time was one month and was already a bit disappointed… now I am even more, since (1) needed the phone at least this month, (2) for the price one might expect a faster delivery, and at least more information… :pensive:
But well I guess you do as fast as you can…
So just to say yes, so eager to get the phone… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Where can I find an expected delivery date? I ordered and paid 4th of January - “prepare batch”…
Also, I was never informed about missing covers or new delivery schedules. I’m trying not to worry :innocent:

While I appreciate the various speedbumps that the production and delivery process is encountering, the lack of reliable information is frustrating. Given that those of us who ordered in early January were told that delivery would happen by the end of February, a notification should have been sent out by end of February explaining that this was no longer the case.

I have seen some people posting about cancelling their order - is this an option and do we get fully refunded? I need a phone and I will not be able to wait until April, if that is indeed the new “estimated” delivery date (my order is still in “prepare batch” status").

Even if the delay in the weekly update is to allow for time to investigate, a message could be sent out explaining that some phones have not been sent out as promised, and that a more detailed update will be provided as soon as possible.

I was eager to support Fairphone but I suggest you review your comms strategy. When invited to order a phone, the customer is not adequately notified of the waiting time for delivery, which is very misleading.


As far as I know it is, though it could take a while to process. Even when you receive the phone you can still change your mind and get a refund if you notify Fairphone within 14 days of receiving the phone that you want to return it. If there is no option to do cancel your order via the webshop, support can be contacted here. Tickets currently appear to take some time to be answered; phone details are at the bottom of the support page.

Thanks Johannes! I will hang on as long as I can, but it is good to know the option is there.

Also… if the pbl comes from the cover color, it maybe possible to order another color and receive a phone … … I would prefer a phone with the wrong color than no phone :wink: (I ordered transparent…)

Hi all, where do you see this ‘expected delivery date’?

… same for me. Therefore some weeks ago I borrowed an older, unused phone from a colleague – hoping to give him back this (too) old one (Android 2.2.2) until the previous week …

when you log in and then click on “view order”.

Thanks. If I click ‘view order’ I only see my order date, weird.

hummm… try another language? I seems to be regularly changing ^^

Even in English, no expected delivery for me… And I don’t think there ever was one because I’ve checked it many times. Anyway it will probably be April as it seems to have changed for everyone. Too bad but thanks for your help :-).