Fairphone 2 / Encryption not possible


I got delivered two new Fairphone 2 on Wednesday.
The are mounted with the same model of SD card and got now Fairphone Open OS 17.10.1 with pico version of OpenGapps 5-10-2017 on 'em.

Even though bot phones should be identically, they are behaving a little different.

The problem I have is that it was not a problem to encrypt one of the phones but it is not working with the other.
What happens is: Battery fully charged and connected to a power supply, choosing encrypt phone next is causing the phone instantly to reboot with the nice Android robot in the background. After a boot not lasting longer than normal the phone still stays in un-encrypted status.

Is there anything you can advise me to do?

By the way: Is it normal that one of the Fairphones is rebooting automatically from time to time?

Looking forward for your reply’s. Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards

No. Have a look here for possible reasons/solutions:

Try to make a factory reset first. (Go in settings to backup & restore). Note that this will delete all data, yet I am suggesting this since you said your phone is new.
It is possible that when installing Open OS the length of a partition got messed up and the phone can’t write the encryption header (This depends on the way how you installed the OS; see for example here). A factory reset should solve this issue. Try to encrypt again right after the factory reset.



I read the linked bugtracker issue and is my understanding correct the the problem with encrytpion is most probably related to the way of performing a factory reset?

I remember I used TWRP and not fastboot to perform a factory reset after I hit the SnooperStopper issue.

So can you @freibadschwimmer confirm that my understanding correct that only a fastboot full wipe (factory reset) will lead to the encryption problem and the wrong block size (-> necessary data partition re-size before it works again)?

This is my understanding as well, that the block-size issue relates to the fastboot wipe.

Hi Guys,

Factory reset via TWRP finally solved the encryption problem.
Will keep you updated regarding the self-reboot-issue.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards


At first many thanks for your info.

My problem currently is:

I changed my new FP 2 to Fairphone open. When going back to the factory conditions i faced some problems and downloaded “FP2-gms-17.10.1-manual.zip” and flashed under Linux Ubuntu with the command “sh flash-for-unix.sh” . Everything was okay and also the Google services (I wanted them back )were running without problems.
The only item is: No encryption possible. When touching “encrytion” the FP 2 restarts and does not execute encryption.

I understood that I have to use TWRP but what is for me the simplest method to use TWRP under Linux? I also found an TWRP APP in the google store. Preferably i would download directly from the TWRP page.
Thanks in anticipation.

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