Fairphone 2 & Camera error

Since yesterday my camera doesn’t work: “app could not get connection to camera”.
What can I do?
OS is on the newest version…

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Have you tried to remove and put the camera module back in place?

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If that doesn’t solve the problem, yo can try this.

“At the two lower screw holes are small washers. These you can easily remove with a sharp object because they are only glued.”

That was the solution for my camera problems.


Not yet; what’s about loosing warranty?

Well, that’s the concept of Fairphone ! No loosing of the warantee if you simply open your phone and remove the modules (the screws surrounded with blue circles are easy to remove with a small screwdriver… or the point of a knife)!

However, opening the modules themselves might void it, but you’d need a special screwdriver for this :wink:

Go to https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Fairphone+2+Teardown/52523 to see the opening procedure.


But then you do lose warranty…

It will.

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If that doesn’t solve the problem you can put the washers easily back to their place.

I don’t know if you lose the warrenty trough that.

As long as you don’t damage the screws or modules, I’m not sure it would… I’ve done it myself (I didn’t have a Pillips #0 screwdriver) and sent it to repair afterwards, there was no problem with the guarantee… But I agree it’s riskier than with the approved screwdriver ^^


On the page Fairphone 2 Warranty i have found this:

I think you are right. If you don’t damage the modules you won’t lose warranty.

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The discussion seems to go a bit astray, focssing on the warranty topic.
Yey just 2 more cents on that behalf from me, before maybe some moderator decides on moving this discussion to a new topic; which I would consider sensible.
Opening even the modules does not necessarily woid your warranty; but you most likely will lose the legal presumption, that the defect was with the phone from the beginning. Thus you might be challenged to prove, that any malfunction is not caused by your tampering.
Therefore it might be adviseable to take a video of your actions.
Of course, to begin with you should consider opening a module only if you really know what you are doing. Just for taking a look inside might not be the best approach. :wink:


Well; thanks to all of you for your helpfull advices; I will try it in the evening and than report it to :wink:
Addition: now everything is fine; I cleaned the contacts and tightened the screws; camera is running;
Thanks again!

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