Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus

Strange, i recived my second display this week!
Since i have been contacted first time by the support (request 26/02, reply 18/04!) i made total different experiences.
For example:
"May 2, 15:46
Hello again Joachim!

Thank you for your message.

We are a bit late in sending Fairphone 2 accessories or spareparts, because we are focussing on the new Fairphone 2 now. But it should not be long. Everything is fine with your two orders. We successfully canceled and refunded the back cover of your order. You will receive the credit invoice in a separate email. You can expect to find the payment in your PayPal account you used for the original payment in approximately five working days. As you used PayPal, please check your associated bank account or credit card account too.

Can I ask you why also a Display ? You already had a problem with your camera module and now the back cover. Is the Display okay ?

Thank you for your support and patience!"

I could send you my second display … let me know

I can only repeat what I was told: they dont send display modules anymore. If this is not correct, this is one more reason to … wonder…

Thank you for the offer, but the return is already booked and my FP2 will be picked up tomorrow.


Customer-friendliness looks different. A customer-friendy solution would be that the module is sent to the user, the user replaces the module and then sends back the broken module to Fairphone. Fairphone should have more trust that the user is honest and is able to replace the module.

Basically I agree, I also think that’s how it should be.

That said, I have some experience with replacing computer components under warranty, manufactured by global players and renowned brands. The procedure there was: Send in faulty component, after reception you get a replacement. Option: If you deposit your credit card number you can get a replacement right away, and if it turns out not to be a warranty case or broken item does not arrive, your card will be charged.

So while I agree with you, apparently the industry standard is to first send in a broken device or component, and after inspection getting it replaced/repaired.

Just came back from a three day weekend… and I have to say that I start really to hate my FP2… I forgot my sony camera at home and wasn’t able to get one decent photo over the weekend…

Photos are not focused and are either over or under exposed!!!

So I have a camera that’s not working AND great battery problems and all that with my remplacement FP2… Not nice…

Very convenient also the 3d nightstand, i really love my FP2. Not kidding!

I asked for a replacement camera module a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard from them. How long have you waited for a response from them in general?

I’m kind of desperate about this issue. I wrote to support almost a month ago, they wrote me back telling me they are very busy and they will contact me ASAP, I still have no news from them. I can understand they have run out of stock but I’m sure they can spend 5 minute to write me back and explain me what is happening. My camera not only can’t focus in short distances but is unable to read any QR code.

1 month in my case. You will most likely be asked to send in your whole phone. Therefore you will have to create an account at https://fairphone.12return.com/portal/user/create after which you will get the return informations within 1 or 2 days.

If in doubt or in a hurry: call them. I did after … well, see above.

But [quote=“CatoMad, post:114, topic:13957”]
is a very elastic term.

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Thanks for your answer bfb, I hope they will contact me within the next few days, I will call them if next week they won’t write me. In their mail they told me not to write several mails with the same problem as they already know my problem :confused:

Well, sent it in last week. “We will help you as fast as possible as this is a special case - damage done by repair center” my a**. Still status “under investigation”.

I am basically without usable phone since late april, only because they did not want to send a replacement module.

So all in all I guess the best way to deal with a defective camera module is to buy replacement and then demand the money back via support afterwards .

And I am slowly fancy demanding my money back;
Having no phone because of a technical issue - ok.
Having no phone (for weeks now) because of tardiness and stubbornness (cant describe it differently now) - no, thank you.

"I have no phone for a month now only because you did not want to send the replacement module."
“Its not my job to listen to your problems”

Well … what the heck?

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Also have the problem with the camera - all pictures are fuzzy / not focused. What to do? Open a support ticket first?

Fastest way - buy a new camera module, install it yourself, contact support afterwards to ask for your money (and to send them the defective module).

Common way - contact support directly ( … and wait a month to get answer, send in your whole phone, wait 1-2 weeks to get it back.And hope it works now and was not damaged cough)

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I opened a support ticket and I got an answer soon enough… For the time being support suggested different solutions to me that I have already tried thanks to this forum… I’m now on standby…


After 5 weeks, today my FP2 returned. Camera seems to work now + got a new display module.

What was the reason for the delay?

Well, although I reported the damaged display module a few minutes after recieving my phone from the first repair, they suspected me to have caused the damage myself. “Attempted self repair” (what repair? As the camera was replaced, there was no reason for a self-repair. And no time, my support ticket was online about 15 minutes after I signed the reciept for the DHL guy …).
But they did not contact me about it, they tested and debated about the damage for weeks instead. Even had to replace the battery (too often standard-stress-testing?).
Complaints via support tickets or calls were not passed to the repair center. Not till last thursday. At least I was not charged for repair (…I was abled to prove, that there was no time for a self-repair).

Being mistrusted, got denied my phone for more than a month because of … well, trust issues towards me as customer. Not that fair for a Fairphone.

After all, my camera works. However I can´t recommend sending in the phone.


I am unable to take a focused picture at close range less than 20 cm is a problem. I’m pretty sure things did not used to be like this. For example now that I try to use a QR code scanner I cannot because the phone will not focus on the code. Yes my lens is clean and yes I am getting impatient with this thing that was released over a year ago but still had staggering faults.

over a year ago? Rather 5 months now.

And read this thread. Camera cannot focus is a known issue, contact support and get a free repair.

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I also had the no-focus problem. Contacted support - no reply for several weeks and then they only asked me to issue a new ticket. Which I did 2016-04-21 and never heard from them again.

So, in the end I gave up and ordered a new camera module for some extra 45Euro. Now I have a working phone
… but am I happy? No.

Call them directly. I guess you will get your 45€ back and have to send in the defective module, at least this worked for others in this forum.

Thanks for your sympathies :wink:

Anyways, to add some positive feedback to this thread, here 's the continuation of my story:

The day after my previous posting here they updated my then still open ticket. I was asked to send some sample pictures from the broken camera so they can see if the camera module needs to be swaped. I explained that I already have a new camera and send sample pics from both cameras. Then, it was not even necessary to send back the broken camera module, they refunded the cost for the replacement camera right away. Today, I received the money in my bank account.