Fairphone 1U freezes constantly and does not boot after battery removal

Dear all,

I am experiencing problems with my FP1U as it is freezing in an interval from ca. 1h-12h. I observed the following types of freezes:

  • It just stays black when the screen turned off and i try to turn it on again.
  • While playing an alarm clock music, it just hangs, the screen is still shown and the last 200ms of the music is repeated over and over again.
  • It freezes while booting up (the screen stays blue).
  • It hangs in an app and the screen freezes

I can then only take out the battery, but even after placing it back again, the FP still seems to be frozen, i.e., I cannot turn it on again. After leaving the battery out for a while, I can manage to turn it on again … sometimes, not always. I have not found a reliable process to make it boot again.

I do not know whether the following observations are related to the problem. About 1.5 years ago, the system started to replace some app icons on the home screen with a green android robot icon. Up until now, there have been maybe half a dozen icons replaced with the android icon. In the past year I also experienced constant crashes of Google Maps after 10-30min along with a few other apps.

I made backups and did a factory reset, however, the problem persists. ATM, I do not manage to get it back booting again. So my guess would be that this could be a hardware issue? Is there a chance to repair my FP?

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic.

Have you tried a hard reset?

PS: When you restore a backup, it’s possible that you restore any corrupt files too.

Thanks for replying!

Yes, I did the hard reset as documented. After the freezes (and ATM), I was even not able to enter the recovery boot mode (pressing Power button + Volume up).

I considered this option as well, however, I did a backup of a few apps + SMS/WLAN settings via Helium. And freshly re-installed my apps. It could be an issue, but give that I even cannot enter the recovery boot mode, I ruled out this option for now.

best regards

Is it possible that your power button is defunct? (search the forum for “power button” for reference)


this could be a good guess, at least it could explain why the phone would not manage to be restarted after the battery removal. So thanks a lot for the hint :slight_smile: ! I’ll have an eye on it.

Then the question remains where the freezes come from. So to rule out any issues caused by apps, I should again perform a hard reset without installing any additional apps. I will report in the next days when I find the time.

best regards

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Just a little update… since a few weeks I am not able to turn my FP1 on again. Actually, I also forgot to mention that I had problems with the Wifi (which would sometimes just stop working until the next reboot). I therefore sadly assume my FP1 to be dead.

@Stefan, thanks again for helping me out!

best regards

Recently there was an official statement by @anon48893843:

So, @alexklaeser, maybe there is some hope left! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll get in touch with them.

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