Fairbuds XL set default mode?

I usually use my Fairbuds XL without ANC and without ambient sound, which means that when I turn them on I have to sit through:

  1. The startup sound
  2. “Connected”
  3. “Second device connected”
  4. Now I can finally click the ANC button to hear: “Ambient mode”
  5. And finally again, to hear: “Noise canceling off”

Is there any way at all to change the default mode? I can’t seem to find anything in the app.

If not, where/how do I submit a feature request?


You can contactsupport for this. The app and headphone controls are indeed limited.

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Alright, thanks. I’ve sent them an email.

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Did you have an answer from them?
I am facing the same problem, it’s ok but a bit annoying i must say.


Bose have an option in their app to turn voice to just beeps. O hope fairphone will get this option of dont have it


I suggested to FP support to add the ability to remap the Assistant button. In other words, a double click could then disable ANC. And a single click then cycles between Ambient mode and ANC.


A better solution is for the device to turn on in the mode it turned off in. The device has to have non-volatile storage in order for it to save bluetooth pairings. A couple of bytes of that storage for this issue would make the device much friendlier.


Why not both solutions? Easy switching and an option to save the setting. I personally prefer a default mode when turning the device on and then have the ability to effortlessly switch.


Holy moly, please moke this exact suggested default possible. :100:

And please make the NC button not wait for the voice prompt to finish before taking the next input. It’s so freaking slow. :frowning_face:


How do you think we user should do that for you?

Please contact Fairphone directly.


I would very much like the option to have it start on non noise cancelling. Now I have to turn it off every time.

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