F2 does not turn on

Hello community,
My FP2 was turning on and off on itself and eventually just shut down and does not turn on at all. The screen is just black and does not show any sign of life. Heeeeelp!

Thank you in advance,

Charge your battery until you see a green light.
Then try to power up your phone.

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hi @Lidwien,
the thing is that it does not react on any charger, I tried a few. It just looks completely dead. Does not charge, or it looks so. No green light :confused: Help! )
(sorry for a slow reply, I was away for a while)

Lidwien’s advice might work out for you if you leave the battery out of the phone for 30 minutes before you start charging. See the #batteryguide (“Battery Reset FP2”).

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that’s interesting. gonna try! thanks:blush:

In addition, does your FP2 happen to have a slim case (= white, red, turquoise or indigo)? Check if the power button is blocked (permanently pressed), that might have caused the endless reboots.
If this is the case, you can try to remove the case and put it back on a few times until the button works without problems. If that is without success, here is a solution that has been the ultimate solution so far for this problem:

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yes, it is a slim case. and it was rebooting permanently before it turned off completely.
I removed the case but do not understand how to know if the power button is blocked or not. I kinda can push it, but it does not work anyway. any ideas on what is the difference when it is blocked and when it is not?

I recommend you read all posts by kerhac in the thread I linked to above :angel: He has even included a video to demonstrate the blocked button.

thanks! gonna try, as soon as the 30 min of the battery being off the phone will pass (trying all different methods the same time :slight_smile:

@urs_lesse thanx a lot, it does work now. I think it was that jammed power button as described in the discussion you pointed to. All good now. Big hug from a happy user in Sweden.

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