Experience with FP Screen Protection Glass

so I was wondering if people have experience using their FP (4) with a screen protection glass already. I use a felt sleeve for my phone, but still worry for the screen sometimes. So I was wondering if I should use a protection glass from FP. As far as I’ve seen there are only two, and each have a filter on (which I personally don’t really need, esp. blue light filter since I use night mode on the phone itself and I’m happy with it).
However, I’ve read somewhere (can’t remember where anymore) that these screen protectors are not so good and that the filters are disturbing the look of the display. I’d understand that that is up to some point the meaning of a filter, but I wanted to ask here if anyone got a screen protector by FP for the FP4 and might share how they perceive it?

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Please see here

And here


Thanks for the links, I checked them out!

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