Everytime the FP earbuds connect, the phone calls the most recent number that was called

On my girlfriends FP4, everytime the FP earbuds connect, the phone calls the most recent number that was called. Currently she calls her own number before she uses the Fairphone wireless earbuds to not disturb other people.

Has anybody experienced this strange behavior, too? Are there any solutions?

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There is of course a pretty standard function for audio Bluetooth devices that allows some control of telephony functions, such as call last number.

It sounds like this is getting triggered when the earbuds connect. I think we would already have heard about it if this was a generalized bug. I think you should get in touch with official support.

Don’t forget to post back and let us know how you get on!

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How does your GF “hang up” upon completion of a call? Double tap to end the call? Wait 'til the other party hangs up? Or putting the earbuds into the case right away? Just asking to perhaps help to find the pattern.

I’m using the earbuds for around two months now and I have never experienced the same problem (on a Murena FP3+ though).

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Yesterday she told me that the earbuds didn’t trigger a call when activated that day.

I will try to spot patterns. If this isn’t a known issue, maybe it’s best to gather some data before contacting support.

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Yes, same problem for me. I came here to look for a solution.

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Good to know it’s not a singular phenomenon.

Recently, the earbuds were calling the mailbox, but most of the time they work as expected.

I have the same issue :frowning: Any news on this topic?
I’m using the true wireless earbuds together with a fairphone 3 so this problem is not exclusive to the fairphone 4.
My wireless earbuds call the last person in the call history too as far as I analyzed this. This does not happen every time I take the earbuds out of their case though, only like every 4th to 5th time and from my memory it happened mostly or exclusively with the left earbud. (I like to use only one at a time so I still hear my surroundings).

When you paired the buds, did you give them access to your contacts? It may be a workaround to disable that access.

That’s a good idea, I’ll try that. Thanks <3

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Update: This workaround does not work unfortunately😔
the very next time I used my left earbud after deactivating access to contacts it dialed the last called number again.

@robert1 , and anyone else with this problem: which earbuds are you using and which phone and which OS version?

For the moment this seems to be encountered using FP “true wireless earbuds”, but from JanP’s evidence this is not limited to FP4 or, therefore, a particular Android build.
Occurrence is not on every BT connection but just now and again.
I’m adding a FP3 tag to this thread.

Which OS and phone are you using? I see more options. I haven’t encountered this bug yet. What if you long press the left earbud (3 seconds), what does it do? Trigger the assistant? Or call someone? Because then the mapping of that button is different.

Hi, I also have this bug. It is a recent ‘addition’ - I have had the earbuds for a few months but this has only started happening in the last week or so. The number it is calling happens to be my ‘in case of emergency’ contact number, but I suspect that may be co-incidence.

@OldRoutard mine’s a Fairphone 4, Android 11. It is indeed happening on connect: I take out the earbud, it says ‘power on’ or something, it waits a while, it says ‘connected’ and then it immediately dials the last number (it’s definitely the last number). I’m using the FairPhone wireless earbuds. This is a new ‘feature’ over the last few weeks.

like @JanP my earbuds do not have access to my contacts per that slider [I have four options like @UPPERCASE ]. Also like @JanP I almost exclusively use my left earbud and it has happened every time I have used my left earbud over the last few weeks.

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Hi Giselle and welcome to the community and the forum.

I was just checking the earbuds instructions webpage and note that, strangely, there is no mention of a “call last number” function! The only call functions are for receiving incoming calls and hanging up.

This is looking more like a bug to me, you should certainly contact official support.

The only action that I can see you might take, is to unpair the earbuds and then pair them with the phone again. See the instructions page that I already referred to at the beginning of this post.

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Just an additional idea.

It seems that “redial last number” function is implemented on some devices by tapping four times. It seems possible that this function is implemented with FP Earbuds even though it’s not mentioned in the documentation. In this case people may be activating it by mistake just by fumbling with the buds while putting them in their ears (or maybe they are being tapped by a lock of hair etc.)

When a “redial last number” function is causing problems in Android, it’s possible to disable “Phone calls” so that (all) phone functions are disabled with respect to the earbuds or other Bluetooth device.

To do this, go to Settings > Connected devices > settings wheel next to the device name (device details) and disable “Phone calls”.

Be aware that if you do this, you won’t be able to accept calls by tapping the buds, nor hang up. You can still do this directly with the phone itself of course.


Thanks @OldRoutard I’ve raised a ticket. In my case definitely not due to fumbling about with it as no matter how I handled them the result was the same.
Typically, yesterday, they seemed to have some trouble connecting to my phone and while I didn’t fully need to un-pair and re-pair them, the connection seems to have reset itself. Since then there has been no issue at all. We’re only one day in but… fingers crossed. If so, un-pairing and re-pairing may help others with this issue (until the root cause triggers it again, anyway).

Just wanted to share, I got the same problem but it varies from time to time. It didn’t happen for the last 2 months or so but just today - same thing again.

Hey @Giselle, are there any news for your ticket? My partner still has the same problem.