⭐ European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (#EFCT18)

I just arrived after 2 trains on time, taking the bus to my brother’s now. Crossing fingers that you all arrive well


This, by the way, is why you can’t take a direct route to Utrecht.

(Live stream. Anyone reading this post after EFCT will get a different image that might show less disruption to train services.)

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So, am sitting in my (hopefully) last train and will be arriving 45 min EARLY!!! :smile:


I’m sat on the tarmac, plane delayed because of the weather in Amsterdam.

Me and my bike are waiting for the train right now. ETA 14:25 at Amsterdam Centraal.

Waiting for check-in, playing Exploding Kittens.


You’re not waiting for me, or are you?

Guys, do you mind if I drop in on Wednesday? Or is this too spontaneous? Anyway, I can’t completely confirm it yet, I am still in negotiations with my boss… Can you please let me know where your accommodation is so that I can search for a room close by? One more thing: I’ll have my business laptop with me. In worst case I got to connect to my company’s network. Do you know if I can get access to a WiFi?


Nice, that would be great. We stay at the ClinkNoord Hostel. Over there, we should have WiFi access, as at the FP headquarters…

This is no problem at all! :smiley:

There is free WiFi inside the hostel. (2/4 bars from my bed. ;))

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We’ll visit Utrecht that day; for the cathedral tower, tickets need to be booked ahead. We have booked the 13:30 English tour. If you want me to get a ticket for you as well, you can book it yourself at https://www.domtoren.nl/en/visitor-information/ticketshop (payment possible by iDeal, Visa or Mastercard) or send me a PM.

Seems like I’m coming ten minutes late to the dinner, I’m sorrz. If necessary you can order one of the 10€ vegetarian stuff for me. Thanks, see you right now!

Thanks! I’d Iike to but I think I will not make it. I’ll arrive earliest at 15:30. And I am still in negotation with my boss - tomorrow I will know for sure.

No problem! When you get in Utrecht you can just call one of the phone numbers here to find out where we are.

Hi all EFCT Fairphoners and Fairphone staff members,

I wish you a nice and great week! I hope I can join the EFCT in 2019 again!

Greetings from Vienna!


We miss you!! :smile:


Hi Chris,
I miss you all too! I hope that you post a lot if pictures that all the Fairphoners who could not join, can see what is going on in Amsterdam this year :wink:


Damn, I read that as “hourly Marillion performance”… Good stuff

A first group photo at Semai restaurant. F.l.t.r.: @z3ntu, @Stefan, @Maria2, @merci, @Friek, @Chris_R, @AlbertJP, @Louisa_Radice, @paulakreuzer, @Amber, @spaniel, @Stanzi


Yes! I can join you also on Thursday afternoon just before 4 PM at Fairphone, but I can’t stay for the film.

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