Err_timed out, err_connection_closed, err_internet_disconnected,

Anyone else having trouble with mobile data that are inconsistently/variably accessible? I am experiencing this problem in locations where I used to have easy access and where other people still have normal access. My operator’s helpdesk (Proximus, Belgium) confirmed to me the network is working properly -> the network signal on my phone shows a very strong 4G network in these locations but still I get different error messages when using the internet in these locations (err_timed out, err_connection_closed, err_internet_disconnected,…)

What did I already try: I followed the instructions suggested in the Troubleshoot regarding Connectivity/Network connections, I checked for updates, I used the safe mode (still experienced the same problem), I did a factory reset and didn’t re-install any of the apps I had before (except for Messenger lite), I got a new SIMcard (micro sim; the former sim card was also a micro sim card).
Additional information: what helped a little is “Clear Browse History (advanced)”, but it only helps to open one single internet page (additional information: if I read a newspaper online, I have to clear the browse history EVERY TIME I want to read another article…) and I still can not send/receive e-mails via my gmail account.

I also sent a support request to Fairphone Support but I might find some help here too? Please do bear in my mind that I know very little (to say the least) about mobile phones, IT,…

Any help is much appreciated!

The error messages sound like they come from Google Chrome, but that’s just guessing from a quick Google search.

I assume Chrome would be the default Android browser you are using.
If so … just for checking whether it is perhaps Chrome’s fault, can you install Firefox from the Play Store and try to open the same web pages to see whether the problem is still the same?

Else … You could try to find #fairphoneangels in your vicinity who could take a look at this.

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Thank you, I will try to download Firefox and let you know the result. Do you recommend deleting Google Chrome and Google from my phone before testing Firefox or can they not ‘influence’ each other? (I’m sorry for my probably stupid question)

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You can keep Chrome, Firefox is just for giving a “second opinion” on how things stand with your mobile data.

If there’s no problem in Firefox, Chrome would look like the likely culprit and something would have to be done about that, but I don’t use Chrome (or the stock Fairphone OS for that matter), and you did a factory reset already which didn’t solve the problem …

If the problem is still there using Firefox, it would hint at trouble in some other department, and perhaps somebody with a deeper understanding or a similar experience joins us here until then :slight_smile:

By the way … What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?


Unfortunately, the problem is still there using Firefox…
As for the #fairphoneangels you suggested, it looks like there are no angels in Belgium.
And for your last question “What exactly does it say inSettings - About phone - Build number?”: FP2-fms-18.04.1 -> I tapped 4 times and now have Developer options…

Unfortunate, indeed :frowning: . Ok, you can uninstall Firefox, it was worth a shot.

That’s up-to-date then, nothing to do there until the next update comes around.

Here’s a nice overview of options to check in case of non-working mobile data.
Your mobile data is partly working, but perhaps you could go through those settings and look for something suspicious …

Thanks for your help. I had already tried these options as I had also found them when searching the forum, but no luck…

Just to be sure about option nr 7:
7.Check if you have no VPN in Settings → Wireless & Networks → More → VPN
In my fairphone it says: Always-on VPN, if I tap on it, None is indicated. So I guess that’s ok?

I will try to look for another phone to test my micro SIMcard; unfortunately up until now I only found people with mini-simcards.

Will keep you posted!

Today I tested my simcard in another smartphone in the same place where my Fairphone 2 has mobile data issues (very slow and lots of interruptions/disconnections, emails can not be sent,… Although the 4G symbol shows a vey strong network).
In the other smartphone, my simcard worked just fine - including sending emails and using mobile data at normal speed (as I was used to, before the 26th of April, when this problem started).
Do you think there could be a problem with the antenna? Do you recommend sending my FP2 to Customer Support?

Shows that your sim card seem to work fine. Before doing this maybe recheck your data network settings at settings->data usage->cellular networks

Maybe you are connecting to the wrong network. Connection may be established, but performance may be poor. I think if there are no specific reasons for choosing different the automatic mode should be selected.

Maybe you could also try a different sim card in your phone (both sockets) with the proper settings and see if things work better.
There is also a system tool called checkup in settings->maintenance->checkup->mobile connectivity.
Verify if the provided data is valid e.g. sim operator; network type; mobile data connected (yes/no)
Afaik fairphoneangels cannot help much here as the transceiver circuitry is no interchangeable module (anyone correct me if I am mistaken)
If no avail I guess your last option is to call support.

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