Is there a Fairphoner in Brussels, who can help me?

Hi Stefan, I’m Sao, from Brussels. Do you know if there is some belgium based fairphone users interested in helping new fairphowner’s like me (2 months that I 've received my FP 2)? or someone willing to became a fairphone angel for Belgium? thanks


Hi @Sao, since as yet there are no #fairphoneangels in Brussels, I moved your post to a new topic to give it more visibility. :slight_smile:

Maybe @Ge2015, @thib, @how or even @danielsjohan can help you out. They have declared that they are in one way or another connected to Brussels.

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Hi @Sao!
I work in Brussels. Depending on your location, we could meet during lunchtime?

I’ve long been thinking about becoming an official angel. But since I don’t live too near a big city, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to physically meet up with many people…


Hi Johan, as I live in Bruges, maybe we can also meet in Brussels (or another place in Belgium?) I was wondering if you could help me out with my mobile data issue? See Err_timed out, err_connection_closed, err_internet_disconnected,

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Hi @Sao, I live in Brussels and have been a Fairphone user for a couple of years now. What do you need help for? I am happy to help if needed.


Hi, I live in Brussels as well and have a fairphone 2 for quite some time now. Always happy to get together to help out!


My difficulties with the FP2 are quite basic ones. They relate with
notifications and alerts (how to get rid of sounds) and with synchro of
agendas. I live in Brussels but I’m away for a couple of days now.

Yes I live in Brussels. But I don’t have a FP and no hands-on experience with one.

Hi Antoine, could we meet tomorrow or Thursday at lunch time ? Tell me where is easy for you and I drop by, if one of these days suits you. Best, Sao

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