Enable desktop mode on the Fairphone 4 5G - use it as a desktop, laptop or game streaming!


The Fairphone 4 5G supports both wired and wireless Android desktop mode - like Samsung DeX or Motorola Ready For, you can have a deskrop on a 2nd display such as a TV, monitor or portable display.

This video shows you how to enable it and some uses:

Hope you enjoy it.




Very nice !
I just tried it and for some reason the taskbar only appears on the phone’s screen while the monitor only shows the app drawer on an overly misdimensionned background wallpaper.

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Try terminating on the phone and re-launching on the desktop

Pretty neat!

Just as a little side-note, Taskbar is Open Source and also available on F-Droid: Taskbar | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob I watched your instruction on you tube, desktop mode works fine on monitor with keypad and mouse. But the desktop mode on the hp elite x3 lapdock (which I still have from my Windows 10 mobile phones) is not stable. Is it too old, I wonder.


Thanks for posting this. Did you test the other dock from Targus you showed in the video with your Fairphone 4? I think its this one: https://uk.targus.com/collections/docking-stations/products/usb-c-travel-dock-with-power-pass-through-dock412euz
I am mainly interested in whether the Ethernet connection works. Because I tested a few docks myself and none worked properly in this regard.


Yes this works with the Fairphone - I don’t use the internal Ethernet as I just plugged in the USB Ethernet dongle my daughtwr uses for her Switch.

I am using it to play Halo using XBox GamePass.




Thanks Rob, I will give it a try.

@Robs_Shed_of_Tech Thank you for the video, quite impressive are the possibilities of the FP4 :smiley:

I already used an external monitor (TV & computer screen) for my FP4, either wireless (Miracast) or with USB-C docking station (with DisplayLink Presenter), but I was not aware of the “Desktop mode” option in Developer Settings :slight_smile:

However I got lost in your explanation for the laptop part:

  • Is it a regular laptop? So can I use any laptop with USB-C port for this?
  • How do you configure the laptop so it knows that he have to take the USB-C signal as an input instead of output?
  • When you connect your two devices (FP4 and laptop) directly with USB-C, is your laptop already on (running Windows) or turned off? If I plug out the USB-C cable, do I go back to Windows?


This is a lapdock NOT a laptop.

It’s a portable USB-C touchscreen 1080 13.3" display in a laptop shell with keyboard, touchpad and battery.

Kind regards,

Rob Knight.

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Habing tried an HP lapdock, I’m only getting 2

I have now tested the Targus dock and it works flawlessly with my Fairphone 4 (with the normal 30 w charger plugged into the dock) and also my MacBook Pro. Functioning Ethernet and charging at the same time. Great.

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I use the tavel dock plugged into my TV to play games using XBox Game Pass.