Fairphone 4 possibility for Dockingstation

Good evening.

You can connect a FP4 with a Dockingstation :smiley: Did you know that? I have tested on work with a Dell WD22TB4 Dockingstation :smiley: You can write with a Keyboard and can can use the Mouse like a normal PC :smiley: I write this, because if I seach for FP4 Dockingstation, I find nothing :smiley:

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Hello. Yes, FP4 supports OTG. It even supports DisplayPort, so you can connect an external monitor. :wink:

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You might be interested in that topic as well:

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Dockingstation isn’t a ‘real’ word



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Not sure which country @Lukas93 is from, but if it’s :de:, that might explain the error :thinking:

In German you can basically merge as many separate words together as you want, to form new and exciting longer words (but technically, if one of them isn’t a :de: word, you need to put a hyphen between them) :nerd_face:


Yeahr. This is right :smiley:


‘Downloaddatei’ (vs. Download-Datei) would be wrong? And ‘Audiodatei’ (vs. ‘Audio-Datei’)?

Honestly puzzled. ~:-0

As a friend of mine, who studied German linguistics, used to say “wrong doesn’t really matter, people are just using it differently”.

I don’t follow that rule either, most people don’t, it’s just something I learned at some point and immediately ignored :smirk:
Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, in any case, use the language as it fits you best :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. Descriptive vs. prescriptive approach.

I am native German and love language (but have never studied anything language or linguistic). Still was surprised to hear about the hyphen rule.

Learning never ands (and, to me, that is part of the fun of being alive).


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