EMF protection airtube headphones. Discount and buying issues

Hi, I have a FP4 which of course has just a USB-C connector.
I also have a set of airtube EMF protection headphones with a 3.5mm jack which works fine in my old Samsung A20.
Please could anyone advise a compatible USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor for my FP4?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you already had a look at the adapter Fairphone themselves are offering in their online shop?

@urs_lesse, thank you. Just what I’m looking for.

Sorry if this next question is slightly off topic, but it’s relevant to purchasing the item in your reply.

On the order form there is a drop down list to choose my parcel’s destination country.
Why does the UK not appear on there? Luckily, I did find a blank option at the top.

You might need to first choose and confirm your country and language settings at the top right of the site, next to a magnifying glass icon.

Thanks again, I’ll try that.

I’ve found more issues . I tried to get a promo discount code so I signed up to the FP newsletter to claim a €5 discount code.
My problems are that, I couldn’t see any code or mention of one in the sign up confirmation email.
I got the idea from a search result on Google, but the text in the search didn’t match the text in the page when I clicked on it. The page did invite me to download a document about promotions, offers etc, but the text is tiny and the pages won’t enlarge

Please advise.

Ok, nothing doing.
I remember now, I couldn’t set up my default address when I set up my account on purchasing my phone. I just tried to update my account by selecting the blank option at the top of the list of countries, but it red-flagged saying, ‘Select an option’.
It’s like someone decided to use a Franz Kafka novel as an instruction manual for setting up the account page.

Did you have a look at this topic?
It may give you a solution.


Thank you. Looks promising.

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I have a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adaptor in my basket and I want to use a €5 discount code towards it.
Although I signed up to the FP newsletter, the code wasn’t mentioned in my confirmation email.
Even more frustrating, I’ve tried twice to screenshot the Google search result page which mentions this newsletter code, and they’ve both disappeared so I have no proof it exists.
Please advise.

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